Calling all Coventry City supporters. Forget the disputes for a minute – now’s the time to come together and help a brother out.

Somehow this blog got so many nominations last month that it’s a finalist in the Best Club Blog category in the 2013 Football Blogging Awards. I’m humbled, and tremendously proud to be representing Coventry City against the following:

  • Anything Palmeiras (Palmeiras)
  • Five Year Plan (Crystal Palace)
  • LFC Fans Corner (Liverpool)
  • The Width of a Post (Bradford City)
  • This is Anfield (Liverpool)

We now have until 17 November to collect as many votes for Sky Blues Blog in the final round. I need the help of the Sky Blue Army if I want to win this thing/compete against blogs with tens of thousands of followers.

How to vote

It’s easy. If you’re feeling generous you could give three separate votes by using each of the methods below. But I’m not pushy – every single one helps and is appreciated.

And if you vote – that’s right – I’ll be your best friend forever.

[tabbed_content] [handlers] [handle to=”tab_1″]1. Form[/handle] [handle to=”tab_2″]2. Facebook[/handle] [handle to=”tab_3″]3. Twitter[/handle] [/handlers] [tab_contents] [tab name=”tab_1″]

Method one: Complete a Nomination form

This simplest way is to use the online form and select Sky Blues Blog in the Best Club Blog category. Go to the link below, enter your email address. They’ll send you a link to the form.

Vote for Sky Blues Blog using the nomination form

[/tab] [tab name=”tab_2″]

Method two: Complete a Facebook poll

If you’re on Facebook, visit the link below and you’ll go straight to a very short poll where you can choose Sky Blues Blog and submit your vote.

Vote for Sky Blues Blog using the Facebook poll

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Method three: Post a tweet on Twitter

Loads of you are on Twitter too. You can vote for Sky Blues Blog by posting a single tweet. Click the link below to do this automatically, or copy the following into a tweet:

I am voting in @TheFBAs for @skybluesblog as the Best Football #Club Blog

Vote for Sky Blues Blog on Twitter 

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No pressure, but 30,000 people watched us play in the JPT last season. Yes loads of us have got the right hump this season, but I know you’re out there!

Thanks, mates.

All my love



  1. Job done buddy. You are up against blogs with a much larger fan base, can only hope that the larger fan base means a higher quantity of blogs to disperse those fans out. I wish you all the best in the chase for the award.

  2. Just voted. As a Sky Blue exile, I live in North Norfolk, the Sky Blue Blog keeps me in touch with all matters CCFC-wise. You provide lots of interesting perspectives. I love the Nii Lamptey show and its great to see what fellow fans are thinking about our current progress. Equally good to have the opportunity to put my own views in. Keep up the good work!

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