As promised, here are a few more new interviews from the guys at Texaco FC – this time with big boss man Andy Thorn and that local rascal Gary McSheffrey. Thankfully the rumours were false, and Andy does not follow Richard Keogh’s lead and keeps his singing voice to himself.

Ask The Boss with Andy Thorn

First up, here’s Andy Thorn having a natter about the pressures of being a manager, the responsibility he feels for everything that happens on the pitch, and how he quite likes darts.

It’s a two-parter, but it’s nice enough to see him a little more relaxed. No matter how the season’s gone, I do worry when I see him sweating like an armpit in those post-match interviews. His shirts must be a nightmare to wash.

Away Days with Gary McSheffrey

When he’s not blazing penalties, Gary likes nothing more than playing Monopoly on the iPad with Clive Platt, pinching coffee cups from hotels and a ruddy good pillow.

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