Everyone loves Dion, don’t they?

Just forget for a moment that he buggered off to join the Villa. He scored loads of goals for us and invented an actual musical instrument, one which generates all kinds of viable sounds. We’re talking Dion Dublin the man, not the footballing villain (excruciating pun intended). He’s a terrific guy – that’s a scientific fact.

With this in mind, the mavericks from the WhatASaveDotCom YouTube channel went in search of Mr Dublin to ask him a few questions and generally get a feel for how brilliant he is. Fortunately they were able to track him down at mediahouse in Chiswick, and he doesn’t disappoint in this video, waffling on like he does.

He also confirms what many of us already knew – Marcus Hall is an OK dancer. At least 3rd or 4th best he’d seen during his career, anyway.

Just a little something to pass the time on this Friday afternoon.

Find more videos of this nature at www.youtube.com/WhataSaveDotCom

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