If you’ve not seen it already I’d like to point you towards this assessment of the current mess, written by Paul Knowles of Nii Lamptey Show and GMK Online fame.

He’s had a proper good think about the situation, and this piece really does provide a wealth of detail and analysis of the events which have led to our current upheaval. Whatever your stance, it certainly helps to provide genuine focus in navigating the highly complex and frustrating set of issues we’ve been forced to decipher. You should have a read.

Read Knowl’s assessment of our predicament

Also, don’t forget, you can also hear Knowl, Joey and yours truly tomorrow morning on The Nii Lamptey Show


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  1. A lovely if somewhat imaginative view of the truth, with huge gaps in time scales. Please don’t print inaccurate nonsense, the waters are muddy enough. It reminded me of the warnings for a biopic movie ” all characters and events are based on the truth, but changes made for artistic and continuity reasons”. As someone once said “there is nothing like the truth” and this was “nothing like the truth”. As a former season ticket holder and fan from 1964, my knowledge and recollections are seriously at odds with this “account”.

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