We’ve all seen some pretty daft media clangers over the years. Les Ferdinand apparently restarting his career in 2004 in the center of England’s defence; Joe Hart conceding 3,240 goals in 36 minutes on the pitch; and South Africa playing in 3 groups simultaneously at the 2010 World Cup (all according to a single, particularly bad paper). The pressure to be the first to run a story often leads to some quite peculiar mistakes.

But if you were online around 6pm today, you may have caught Sky Sports’ latest story on Coventry’s investment saga which had plenty of us staring in amazement.


Is that a huge photo of Aidinho I see? Crikey, someone’s naffed up and picked the wrong photo haven’t they. What a boob.

Hold on, they actually think Aidy Boothroyd is in charge? Have they run mad? 

And while that was enough to send most into a Print Screen frenzy, they also managed to include a bit more nonsense about “former vice-chairman” Kevin Hoffman. It’s Gary, ennit.

The article’s been changed now thankfully, but it was ever such a laugh while it lasted. Thought it’d be nice to share for those who missed it.

I feel sorry for Andy Thorn though – it’s not the first time he’s been overlooked…. 

Daft BBC – Apparently Steve Harrison is tanned and bald


  1. Sorry to those who did not see it, I saw the article and sent in a comment from the comments box at the bottom of the article to be the first one showing there massive error, but 30 minutes later when I reloaded it was all changed!

  2. Nice one, Paul – can’t quite believe how long it was allowed to stay published for!I’ve still got the original tab saved on my computer this end. Can’t bring myself to refresh…

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