In light of the troubling news that’s come out this afternoon, I’ve taken the liberty of writing a letter to the only person who will be able to help us…

I bloody hope Father Christmas reads my blog.



  1. i want my fairy godmother to take me back to highfield road, preferably after a few ales in the elastic inn.

    on a serious note it is too easy to lay the blame purely with sisu, there are many culprits. if we want a successful team or indeed a team, we cannot sustain our current level of rent payments. i am with sisu on this one, without coventry city the ricoh arena is going to be very quiet. we need a home but acl need coventry city football club.

    1. I’m sure there’s a lot of posturing going on from both sides, but £1 million’s a hell of a lot for ACL to just waive, and for Sisu to withhold. I sense that however this winds up in the long run (clearly they won’t want to lose the football club), we need to find some money to tide them very soon. You can’t sign a contract then completely ignore it because you don’t like it any more.

  2. This agreement was signed on the basis that we would be in the premier league, we are now in division three so this agreement in its current form means we go bust, we find a new home or the deal is renegotiated. Which fool tied us into this agreement, was it richardson?

  3. another sad day in the demise of CCFC .History means nothing to these people.Fans will be angry with our temporary owners.
    The club makes the news again for all the wrong reasons , after their best run of games for a few years and with crowds on the increase. How embarrassing!!!!!!

    Sisu are on a different planet quote”…………

    “The Club remains committed to the city and people of Coventry.
    However, its viability depends on it finding an alternative home ground where it can afford to play.”

    Where are we going to play in the new year…

    Villa park……..must be joking. never!!!!
    Birmingham …..possibly if travel is subsidised we might get 4/6,000 fans travelling over.
    How Sisu make it pay who knows.
    Leicester, crisp bowl electric shock stadium or Tigers RFC.I cannot think of anyone I know who would go to a “home” game in our closest rivals’ city.
    Hawthorns, Molineux, a little too far for a home game????
    Walsall possibly , we would fill it every week,10,989 capacity . 29 miles less than an hour away.

    Butts park arena , bit of a joke , capacity 4,000, where would we all go? up the pub.
    Nuneaton Town ,capacity. 4314 ???
    Tamworth, 4065?????
    Hinckley 4329 wrong county.
    Solihull Moors , 3050???
    Leamington only 2,000 not good.

    Rugby Town another possibility capacity 6000 can add another 2,000 with temporary stands.
    Again we would sell out every week, but how would the team perform.??

    I really hope that both parties are playing a game of brinkmanship otherwise this could be the end of our great club.

  4. Ta for the comments. There’s nowhere even slightly appealing is there? Plus you do have to wonder how many local non-league grounds actually hit the required league standard.

    Your point about making news for the wrong reasons is key for me at the moment. We were allowed 18 hours of joy following our victory on Wednesday before we all had to worry and pretend we’re football finance experts again. I just follow Coventry because I love the sport of football and they’re my local team. I know it’s idealistic and naive to think things could be different, but I really resent it.

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