It was a close run thing with David McGoldrick, but I’d like to offer a congratulatory nod to Carl Baker who has taken your vote as the Sky Blues Blog player of the month for November.

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He’s had an eventful campaign, with many a soppy performance sending fans angry, interspersed with some robot-like days and nights.

But throughout November he began to have a consistently meaningful influence on the team, pinching a few goals and assists as we won 4 out of our 6 games. I think by now, we all know the levels he’s capable of hitting – the test has always been whether he’s able to achieve it for more than 3 or 4 games a season.

Here we are, though – a full month of gradually improving form later, and he’s continuing to display his usefulness with a dream of a goal against Morecambe today. So whatever your general opinion of him – and I’m still to be fully converted – you can only commend his recent form.

Well done on doing November ever so nicely, Carl. Keep it up you svelte bastard.

Here’s a sweet photo of him I presume was taken after he found out he’d won..



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