Wonderful. Life is wonderful again.

I wasn’t planning on the “alphabetical order” card being redundant quite so early (as a matter of fact, I was already working out ways we could use it later on in the season), but following the win at Barnsley, we’re already the only team in the league with a 100% record. In other words; we’re all top on merit, and that.

That’s nice. Doesn’t matter that it’s only the 2nd game either – top is top.

Mind you, I tell you what else is quite nice; Leon Best masquerading as John Arne Riise.

Seriously, where did it come from? All the talk has been about Clingan being the set-piece expert, and how Michael McIndoe fancies himself a little bit. But I never thought Leon had the shooting technique for anything like that. Coleman says he practices them in training, and it showed.

In the words of that Villa prat Andy Gray, “Take a bow, son… Take a bow”.

We never really looked in any trouble during the game. Our shape held strong throughout, and moving Ozzy into the midfield was just what we needed to ensure that solidity. It also gave Osmund the Defensive the opportunity to score his first goal in about 9000 appearances. There he was, inside the area, clear route to goal, no challenge in sight, the headlines ready to write themselves..

Yes. He missed by a very big margin. Chin up Oz – you just weren’t born to be a goalscorer. You were however, born to supply sumptuous crosses for Clint. More on that after I’ve yapped on about the defence for a paragraph.

Cranie had a useful debut at centre-back, although I’m sure I wasn’t the only one to have worrying McNamee-esque flashbacks when he had to go off. Turns out it was just a bit of cramp, so that’s understandable. I’m still not entirely convinced with the back line though, but when everyone is fit, you’d like to think we’d have enough choice there to create a decent unit.

And finally, to the man with the most expressive face in football. The man who makes Jimmy Floyd Hasselbaink look like the Mona Lisa. I congratulate you on your goal, Mr Clinton Ventura.

We all know he doesn’t lack confidence. And last season we waited patiently for him to back up the talk and hissy fits with a consistent run of goals. That didn’t really happen, but after the start this season there are signs that he might just be starting to get the service he needs to score the goals he talks about so often.

The one yesterday was a lot harder than it looked. Deep cross by Osbourne and a neat finish at the back post from a tight angle. One that Fred would have probably struggled with. So kudos to you Clinton.

So all in all, I’d go as far to conclude that it was a positive day in Coventry City’s attempt not to be crap for another season. We should be confident going into the Doncaster match given the positive signs so far. The big question is whether we can continue to show the new professional attitude that has been there as well in these early games.

My only gripe would be the BBC’s Football League show giving us about a 40 second mention, with Ipswich and Newcastle gaining all the chat-time again. Oh and Steve Claridge’s “haircut”, clichés, lack of knowledge of any club other than Leicester etc.

Basically, Steve Claridge being a pundit on the show in general.

“They show a real unity”.

You read that in the paper you sausage.

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