The international break is a glorious time for me. For two weeks I’ve done my best to ignore our procarious league position, Ken Dulieu’s banal ramblings, our fruitless search for a loan player, and even Bishop Len Brody’s departure and subsequent revelation about his bonkers ideas for subs.


It’s a million dollar idea!

Actually, I tell a lie, I couldn’t really ignore that. Fans voting on who should come on during a game? How very daft. While I appreciate the attempt at innovation (it makes a change from hearing the phrase “building year” for the 20th successive season), it seems Len was blissfully unaware of how unworkable his suggestion was in a European football culture, and also how bloody useless fans would be at doing that anyway.

Losing? “We need someone to get into them; bring on Roy.”

Drawing? “We need someone to get into them; bring on Roy.”

Winning “We need someone to get into them; bring on Roy.”

At least, that’s how I envisaged it.

All in all – a naive suggestion by poor Len, the internationally-renowned communications expert who found it impossible to communicate with thousands of cross midlanders who thought it was their duty to call him an “American twat”, all day, everyday. Can’t say I particularly blame him for buggering off.

From maverick boardmembers, to the important stuff. We’ve got a huge task facing us this weekend. West Ham are a team full of Premiership players, primed to cause us grief. Naturally they’re going to bring fousands of fans, and unlike the Leeds game last year when we responded in kind by getting extra bums on seats ourselves, we won’t see anywhere close to that turnout for this game.

Ever such a shame that.

It’s a big ask, but we need the three points. We can’t afford to be cut any further adrift. My only hope is that after a couple of weeks off, we’ve had a chance to rebuild our team confidence somewhat. It looked completely shot by the end of the Southampton match.

I do have some good news though. If you’re looking for omens, you may be interested to note that I played against us as West Ham on FIFA last night, and I lost 1-0 to a last minute Cody McDonald winner.

Ignoring the fact that I’m entirely useless at the game, and it’s inexplicable that anyone could have actually allowed that to happen, I’m happy to take this as a clear sign that we’re definitely, 100%, absolutely, going to win.

‘sall I’ve got, I’m afraid. Come on you Sky Blue swines. 



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