Don’t you try to pretend
It’s my feeling we’ll win in the end

What if Saturday is the day we start to wrestle our club back? What if the noises begin to be heard? What if the penny drops? What if the realisation hits home? What if our voice and defiance finally makes a difference?

Whatever your stance, whatever your location, whatever your perspective – let’s do this one more time. There’s only one sane resolution to this problem. I don’t even need to say it.

We’re all angry. I’m absolutely seething. But can you really take another season without Coventry City? I may be riddled with apathy. I may curl up in a ball of resistance every now and again. I may even threaten to walk away from something that means so much to me.

But I know I can’t. How could I give this up? Coventry City Football Club is engrained in each and every one of us. It’s not really something you can control.

Does that mean I will eventually succumb to being strong-armed into a needless trek to watch team play its games 35 miles away in Northampton?

Never. That will never have my support.

But I’ll be in Coventry this weekend, walking side-by-side with every other Coventry City fan who wants the club back at its rightful home. Back at the Ricoh Arena. The stadium that was built for the fans and the club. Not for a council. Not for hedge fund owners.

I know it. You know it. The Council knows it. Sisu knows it.

There’s a resolution there. And we’re going to find it.




  1. I live 140 miles away.sisu much be at the end of the road totally humiliated.i will just do away games again.good luck on Saturday. Tim fisher just a employee & politician lies lies lies.

  2. It’s too easy and lazy to blame SISU for all the club’s ills and wrong!
    Club’s have sold their best players before now and have been relegated before now, that’s just football and you have to take the rough with the smooth.
    The previous administration of the club, the Bryan Richardson and Geoffrey Robinson board, got the club into £60 million of debt playing in the Premiership! This board sold our beloved Highfield Road and got the club relegated from the Premiership, as well as selling off all our best players!
    That board got the club into such a mess that we had no ground of our own and had to go cap in hand to beg the Coventry Council to help build the Arena 2000! Remember that? The Council didn’t build the Ricoh for the club, but built it as a cash cow for the Council. I won’t go into all the details, but our then “2nd division club”, was forced to pay the highest rent in football and was the only club in football not receiving any revenues from playing in its own stadium! The club’s main backer and Coventry Labour MP, felt obliged to sign up to this impossible deal with the Council. With hindsight, I wish he had threatened to ground share at Northampton!
    This “deal”, so hobbled the club that it could not compete with other clubs, even in the Championship. The club was haemorrhaging money and the board filed for administration in Autumn 2007.
    SISU took over the club and saved it from administration and at least a 15 points deduction and subsequent relegation to the “3rd division”! This act was the daftest thing that SISU have probably ever done and I can’t really explain what its thinking was, but that’s where we all are.
    These background causes are the real reasons, why our club is in such a mess and not SISU’s fault. Its fault, was ever thinking it could resurrect a declining club in the first place. SISU has lost, depending on who you believe, somewhere between £50-£70 million over the last 7 1/2 years. The club has been losing money for decades and that is why the previous board got out.
    I know most people are bigoted against SISU, but it has supported our club for 7 1/2 years and has lost somewhere between £50-£70 million. Doesn’t the last two decades tell you something about the club. Blaming SISU for everything is just wrong and SISU have become a convenient scapegoat for all the club’s ills.
    Changing the owner will not improve the club’s fortunes! It is the ownership of the stadium that will change the fortunes of the club. Forget about SISU and think about our football club, our club simply must own its own stadium, if it is to survive.
    All the allegations and innuendo against SISU is exactly that and put about by the Council’s expensive London PR firm Weber Shandwick. This has been promulgated through the left wing intelligentsia in Coventry, namely Bob Ainsworth MP, Jim Cunningham MP, Higgs Charity’s Peter Knatchbull-Hugessen, leading lights in the Sky Blue Trust and its offshoot the Keep Coventry in Coventry campaign, members of the Labour Party and of course the Coventry Telegraph (owned by Trinity Mirror, whose non-executive director is none other than Gary Hoffman)!
    Ah you will say, but what about Justice Hickinbottom’s ruling on the Judicial Review. Well, I admit I don’t know the law as most of us don’t. But if the law is such a precise and perfect institution, how is it that when there is more than one judge, there is often a split decision and when people appeal, judgements are quite often overturned? I think that both sides had a case to argue, but the judge came down so heavily on the Council’s side, I thought he might be just a touch biased and one-sided.
    Who would want to take over a club that does not own its own stadium, plays in the “3rd division” and is forced to pay an exorbitant rent and receives no revenue from its own stadium, and would probably take over a club with at least a 15 points deduction and almost certain relegation?
    Any idea of starting a new club about 15 divisions below the “City”, playing at the Ricoh is just “pie in the sky”. How would it afford the rent and where would it get its revenues from to compete with other clubs. Any new club would crash land on its maiden flight!
    The critical thing is that our club must own its own football ground, whoever owns the club. Scapegoating SISU is unfair and the real danger is that most of the former fans are missing the point and are trying to take the club over the cliff to destruction!

  3. Wherever one looks, the people in charge disregard the needs of ordinary, hardworking folk. As the previous comment alludes, football has become merely a vehicle for the exploitation of emotionally immature people. Grow up and put your faith in something more authentic.

    1. Authentic? Pray tell. I’m interested to know what “emotionally mature” people put their faith in.

      1. Authentic, as in something that belongs to one rather than an American academic’s pension fund. Emotional maturity, as in investing one’s emotional energy in something that belongs to one like one’s family.

        1. Fair point about family, although this seems to be a blog about passion for CCFC. Look at the argument in that context rather than dispensing condescending, overly-moralistic irrelevance.

          1. Point taken. However, talk of “passion” for a tainted product peddled by a hedge fund is absurd.

          2. ‘Passion’ is for the history of the achievements on the pitch and the memories and euphoria that they invoke; not for the custodians of the business nor their obdurate landlords. I’d argue that posting a comment on a football blog about football fans being emotionally immature could be construed as absurd.

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