That’s right, our Christopher’s gone mainstream.

Having done absolutely nothing of note since being told to sling his hook from Coventry, he’s somehow managed to bag himself the Wales job, and now even more impressively, a table in the eyeline of Rihanna at the Brits.

What the bloody hell was he doing there?!

I love his initial surprise (and glee) as he realises he’s going to be on tele, then the immediate adjustment into ‘cool’ mode.

“Being on TV’s normal for me, isn’t it”.

I also love the nodding approval he gives Noel Gallagher’s High Flying Birds.

Down with the kids, ain’t you, CC.

Watch Chris Coleman at Brit awards video

I’m aware this has little to do with Coventry anymore. It’s still bloody hilarious though, and far more interesting than Carl Baker being confused by our away form.

It’s because you keep smashing the ball out of play every time you get a chance to cross, you dipstick.

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