I won’t be making a habit of posting highlights and stuff like that – this isn’t really a news site, and I probably shouldn’t even be doing it. Although it’s on YouTube and this is just promotion. So that’s fine.

But the extra second or two that the official site have posted on YouTube allows you to see Franck Moussa start and finish his goal in all its glory. It’s a little bobbly in places, but it’s also confident and full of speed. He wants to take players on, he wants to give and go, and the players around him are alert to this movement.

This is new. This is exciting.

There’s no sign of Manset’s effort which hit the bar however, which if you haven’t seen, will show that he’s actually got pretty nimble footwork for a gigantic man*.

* Activate the trying-to-avoid-a-cliché-with-synonyms klaxon.


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