So, the inevitable has happened.,,10269~2042820,00.html

It’s always a shame when someone loses their job, but the way things were going, change seemed to be the best solution.

My stance has been since the end of last season “buck your ideas up, else you’ll end up being sacked”. Not that I’m in any position to issue advice/warnings to professional football managers (or that he’d even see it), but in the make-believe world I’ve created for myself whereby anything I put on here is important, that’s been the angle I’ve taken.

That might seem harsh to some, but my first choice scenario was always for improvement. If you under-perform in any job, your position will come under scrutiny – that’s only fair. Mid to lower bottom half couldn’t be accepted again, not with the time and money that has been spent. If he was able to guide us to a respectable top 12 finish this season, he’d still be in a job now.

Allowing his team to throw away the season in the space of 6 weeks was the final straw, and questions had to be asked of his impact in the role.

I’ve read lots of comments on forums saying “it’s not the manager’s fault”. If the long-term performance of the team can’t be associated with the manager’s performance, is there even any point in having one? What is the purpose of his role and why is so much importance placed on it?

He has to have some influence on the team, and after 2 and a bit years, it was time to raise our hands and admit it’s just not worked. Our league performance shows that.

I’ll be writing a review of the season in the next day or so, but I just wanted to jot down a few of my thoughts prior to that, given today’s news.

P.S. The last person I want as his replacement is another sacked/failed manager on the downwards spiral. We need someone on the up, with a winning mentality (one of the only clichés that makes any sense).

Reid, Adams, Dowie.. all had experience of taking teams up.. but were coming off more recent experience of taking teams down too. Let’s reverse that trend. Not all managers have to be “big-names”, just look at the managers to have taken teams from League 1 to the Prem in recent times. Momentum is the key.

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