It’s too easy nowadays for somebody to say something, and it to become something.

One of the main fads winding me up just lately are these god-awful Twitter transfer rumour accounts. You know the ones; they crop up during transfer windows, claim to be the nameless alter-ego of a football league agent and engage in the art of the credible rumour creation.

They’ll plant the seed about something vaguely feasible, the days will pass, bugger all happens with it, and everyone just forgets they’d even brought it up.

Then a week later they’ll come up with something else, once again based on absolutely nothing, and that’ll get picked up as fact by fans desperate for their daily dose of gossip.

We’ve got short memories, and while I hate giving them any attention, I’m losing my rag with how easy it is for these accounts to make up total rubbish. Yet a retweet here; a post in a forum there; and before you know it the rumour’s spread like wildfire. And based on what?

Therefore, I’ve decided to make it my business to do a bit of investigation into these weird rumours that seem to be cropping up out of nowhere.

First up, I’d like to take a look at the source of the odd idea that Nottingham Forest are about to dispense with all sense and buy a 30 year old Carl Baker from us.

This came about from the Twitter account of a supposed incognito football league agent called Transfers To Be. They claim:

Now, I’m not saying this might not happen. Football is mental. But I was immediately sceptical, and certainly wasn’t keen on treating the whim of a single Twitter account as a safe basis for truth.

Following a quick scan of their vitals and timeline, it’s clear this is a relatively young account. It doesn’t take much longer to pick out some of the other Coventry-related rumours they’d tweeted about either. Once you do this, the credibility unravels.

A couple of weeks back they also claimed:

Hmm. So they’re keen on this story, which maybe leans in their favour. But did that bid actually happen? Did it shite.

Nevermind though – maybe things got delayed? It’s a reasonable suggestion. We should probably give them the benefit the doubt, right?

Possibly, but earlier this month they had another scoop for City fans, with the news that Rotherham were close to entering discussions with Cody McDonald:

Again, on the face of it, that’s perfectly logical. But did it actually happen?

Well, no. It hasn’t. And with no word of the deal collapsing either, I suspect it was never going to. So much for being “close”, eh?

Moving back a little further and you’ll note that Leon Clarke was also cause for some apparent interest back in May:

Once more, there’s nothing concrete here, as they’re just notices of “enquiry”. Harmless enough to suggest, isn’t it? Nobody can blame them if it doesn’t come off. The clubs just showed a bit of interest.

But what does “interest” even mean? As far as I can make out, it’s actually football rumour code for “we’re just making this up”.

There’s a clear thread throughout this timeline: tweets about a club closing in on a deal, never to be mentioned again. However the intentions and inherent fibbing is best highlighted once you delve around the feed for some of the other predictions and scoops they’ve furnished us with.

Here they seek to offer us some validation of their knowledge and credentials, having successfully informed followers about Kolo Toure’s departure to Liverpool at some point earlier:

You’ve guessed it. They’d never even tweeted about Kolo Toure before. The lying gits were making this up to look good.

And just in case you were unsure about the motives behind the account. They even managed to fashion a new accreditation for themselves:

A verified Transfer account, you say?

What a load of bollocks.


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