In recognition of his recent contract extension, please find below a selection of observations, interesting facts and general reasons to enjoy the blossoming development of Conor Thomas.

Of course he’s still learning, but if ever he does anything wrong on the football pitch I find it useful to remember some of the following:

[ul type=”arrow” class=”left”] [li]He has a sublime posture[/li] [li]He has a slide tackle reach of 20 yards, the longest in the western world[/li] [li]His only ever goal may have been rubbish, but he was still delighted[/li] [li]His haircut is rigid and distinctive[/li] [li]He was snapped up by Liverpool and then came back because he loves us and didn’t bother impressing them on purpose[/li] [li]He is incapable of malice[/li] [li]He is such a local lad[/li] [li]He’s got England youth team pedigree[/li] [li]He has been a shaving since he was nine[/li] [li]He makes fantastic Instagram videos of his lip-syncing prowess[/li] [li]He almost got in the way of Leon Clarke’s JPT winner against Preston[/li] [li]He celebrated like a manic kid in the playground when it went in[/li] [li]He still had the good sense to check for offside[/li] [li]He’s already a seasoned pro at breaking up attacks with sensible fouls[/li] [li]He was the only shining light in June with his spectacular appearance on the calendar[/li] [li]He looks a little bit like Kenzie from Blazin Squad[/li] [li]He’s still only 20[/li] [li]He can control the ball without any undue stress[/li] [li]He complements John Fleck’s style like a comfortable sweatshirt[/li] [li]He has a fake passport from Croatia (according to William Edjenguele)[/li] [li]He went to Coundon Court with Jordan Clarke[/li] [li]He’s been referred to as the ‘blueprint’ for young players at the club by Pressley[/li] [li]He always helps out with charity stuff[/li] [li]He has a six pack of outrageous proportions[/li] [li]He always adds a few extra Os to make it a LOOOOL[/li] [li]He has his own table at Nandos[/li] [li]He calls Gary McSheffrey “Sheffdog”[/li] [li]He always tweets people back[/li] [li]He has been known to refer to Jordan Clarke as “his puppy”[/li] [li]He wears gigantic shirts[/li] [li]He wants to do well for the club and said gigantic shirt[/li] [/ul]

What a good boy.



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