In what’s come as a complete shock, young Conor Thomas has been taken to Liverpool on loan until the end of the season, with a view to a permanent move. There have been murmurings about what the fee could be, but it’s looking likely to be around a million quid. No doubt there’ll also be the standard add-ons if he plays a load of games, gets an England cap and one day appears on Dancing on Ice.

Also worth noting that he’ll spend his time back in the academy there, so don’t expect to see him appearing alongside Steven Gerrard just yet.

Keeping an eye on Twitter and reaction is quite mixed. Some are cross at the apparent further weakening of the midfield, while some are saying that’s not a bad deal. £1 million for someone who’s only made a couple of appearances.

He’s only 17 though. We’ve no idea how good he could eventually be, and the fact that he’s been courted by Liverpool goes to show that he must be half-decent.

From the little we’ve seen of him, he’s a very composed lad, and doesn’t seem overawed about being in the first team. That’s always half the battle when judging young footballers – he holds himself differently to the Adam Walkers, Robert Betts (blast from the past) and Ashley Cains of this world who always struck me as nervy.

He was on the periphery of things for the most part against Birmingham, but in my view, he didn’t look out of place and had some neat moments.

It’s a real shame that we haven’t had a chance to watch him develop here, but I’ll be keeping a keen eye on his career, that’s for sure.

Our concern now is that we only have Gunnarsson and Clingan (possibly) fit for tomorrow and not very long at all to find a midfielder to knock our squad back into shape.

I wonder what Carlton Palmer’s doing nowadays?

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