We’ve endured the following games since my last major waffle:

Coventry 0 Newcastle 2
Coventry 3 Peterbrough 2
Plymouth 0 Coventry 1

I think what has to be acknowledged is that since the Scunthorpe game, it’s finally occurred to the squad that they’re actually under pressure to perform. About bleedin’ time.

I’ve said it so many times before, but a big problem at our club is the constant acceptance of mediocrity. From the players to the manager, right through to the fans. Ambition and pressure to succeed has to be present for it actually to happen. There are too many clubs in the Championship more than willing to snatch opportunities from teams who don’t have the drive to take them. It’s unforgiving like that.

So, with all that said, the pressure was on everyone against Peterbrough to win. I think Coleman and the players knew the majority of fans weren’t going to accept anything other than 3 points. They knew they had to perform and get them, and they did.

No one’s going over the top, but fair play to them – they finally stood up and didn’t bottle it. Freddy’s hat-trick was great, Cork stopped being scared, and Bell’s return once more gave the midfield some much needed shape and discipline.

Although I had to chuckle when I heard some of the comments praising Coleman’s tactical wizardry in playing Freddy up front. It was absolutely the right decision, sure. But one that he should have made 10 games ago…

But that’s neither here nor there. He got it right and we won, and that’s all I care about at the moment.

The same goes for the Plymouth game. Winning was the absolute priority. Yes, these are the 2 lowest teams in the league, but you’ve got to beat them.

The problem we have now is ensuring our standards don’t slip. Let’s be clear about this; 2 wins in a row just isn’t enough and we can’t rest on our laurels. We’ve been in this situation far too many times before. There can be no madness, no relaxation, no assumptions that everything is now alright and we can start looking at the play offs. It doesn’t work like that.

What we need first and foremost is a sustained run of form to get our season back on track (a la Barnsley, Forest, Sheffield Utd). Sod the negativety – its completely feasible. I said the other week that Coleman has to pull something special out of the bag to prove he has what it takes. The target has to be more wins. The players have done well over the last couple of games, but quite frankly, I’ve had enough of the false dawns and “turning the corner” statements, only for us to fall flat on our faces the very next game.

We want the same attitude, the same drive and the same pressure. Boxing Day at home to Doncaster is winnable, but the players have to go out and win it. It won’t just happen.


P.s. I don’t want either Aaron McClean or Craig Mackail-Smith… If it’s Peterbrough players we’re after and we want to throw money at them, I think we all know that George Boyd should be our target.

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