So we played a whole load better than we have done over the last couple of months, but still couldn’t manage to win. Interesting.

Having stormed out in a huff at the final whistle on account of Coleman appearing content with a draw at home, I’ve now calmed myself and will reflect on things in a more placid nature. If I’d written this immediately afterwards, the post would be entitled Swineathon 2009, I’d be crucifying Clinton Morrison again, and the FC Coventry City Mönchengladbach Saint-Germain dream would be back in motion.

But I listened to fans after the match, many verging on delirium that we’d not lost, and it shocked me. I couldn’t help but wonder; maybe I’m expecting too much? Maybe, even with all our players whom I swear can perform far better, we’re still only a bottom 8 team?

I hope not.

So rather than indulge myself in a bitter and ruthless analysis of the game which has become the norm over the last month or so, I’m going to keep things brief and simply run through the positives and negatives of Saturday’s game.


– As a whole, we played better than we have been doing.
– Barnett and Wood both look pretty athletic as a defensive pairing.
– Michael McIndoe finally had a decent-ish game.
– Leon Best scored again.
– The shape of the team looked a lot more solid.


– We have dropped more vital points at home.
– The attitude of the players and manager appeared to indicate that they were content with holding on for the point.
– Gunnarsson is still a shadow of the player we know he can be.
– Morrison is struggling to have any sort of impact.
– The referee – who thought that he could stop the game every 20 seconds to wag his finger around – only gave 3 minutes added time.
– Flaming wind and rain blowing in my face.

As happy as I am that we didn’t have to endure the same twaddle we’ve been used recently, my immediate concern is that it’s only November and we’re already lumbered in and around the bottom of the table.

Couple that with the fact that even if we were to do the unthinkable and win 3 in a row, we’d realistically only move up to about 13th – things aren’t as rosy as many fans would have you believe.

Not after 1 home draw, that’s for sure. Ipswich will vouch for where draws in this league get you.

Lord help me for daring to suggest that I’m still not satisfied after Saturday; but I want more than a point at home to Crystal Palace. Yep, I really do.

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