Argh rubbish, couldn’t hold on.

While it wasn’t an outstanding performance and nobody particularly stood out, for the majority I was pretty pleased with the endeavour of the boys. This didn’t stop me from leaving the stadium angry yet again though.

I’ll explain why. With 5 minutes to go, at home, against probably our biggest rivals in the league, for some inexplicable reason we were time-wasting. The players appeared entirely happy with a point, and showed little or no urgency to go for the winner.

The biggest example of this was Keiren Westwood. It’s not the first time he’s done it either. It might seem petty, but it really winds me up when with 1 minute to go he still thinks it’s appropriate to spend 30 seconds lining up his kicks and general ambling around.

Leicester on the other hand were leaving players forward from corners (those crazy cats), rushing to take kicks, and really pushing on for that winning goal.

Now, I’m not saying we should have gone gung-ho. But to see the opposition showing far more drive to go for the win in our back yard is pretty demoralising.

That aside, there were positives. Eastwood returned to the team, and while he wasn’t spectacular, he showed far more than we have been used to seeing from him. And he also offered a more involved outlet than McIndoe, which isn’t surprising.

Best once again showed that he his a top striker in the league. And if it wasn’t for the referee (who appeared to have a ridiculous vendetta against him), he probably would have found himself with a few more chances to continue his scoring form.

Sammy started nervously, but got more involved as the game went on… and his goal was another peach. As he was stood over the ball, you just got the feeling he was going to test the keeper. What I was most impressed about was how it was so different to the free-kick against Preston. While that was all power, this was sheer precision. It’s nice to know we’ve got some variation.

On a less positive note, Stephen Wright is still causing the defence some real mischief with his inability to win any challenged headers. I’ll give him his due, he smashed more than enough balls out of play when they came to him. But the man is very slow, and nowhere near as imposing as the manager would like to have us believe.

It was a good opportunity to get us into the play-off places, but we failed to do that. Having said that, does anyone remember the very same time last year, beating Southampton 4-1 and going 6th in the league? The next game after the international break we lost away at Wolves and it was the beginning of the demise.

So if we’re actually looking for us to avoid the same sort of season as last year, maybe avoiding going 6th again is some sort of cryptic indication of how our season is going to be different?

Or maybe it’s just me clutching at even more ludicrious straws..who knows!

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