Probably not, because the Barnsley performance can’t be ignored that easily. Although there was plenty to indicate against Palace that we’re not all bad (first hour at least).

As always, I’ve had a few thoughts. Too late to be quite as relevant as when I first had them, but thoughts none the less.

1. As most of us have known for a long time, when given the opportunity up front, Freddy Eastwood is pretty much our best player and should be first choice, no matter who else is available. Boothroyd, take note.

2. While we all love Clive because he’s big and cuddly, his presence on the pitch will lead our performances but one way. Predictableville.

Sometimes effective, but it’s reliant on Clive doing his bit right. Unfortunately he’s a League One-ish sort of player, so logic dictates that ain’t gonna be possible for more than a few games in a row. Boothroyd, take note.

3. There was quite a lot of chit-chat going on around Twitter about Boothroyd being a rubbish git. I don’t necessarily think he’s that, although he’s shown over the last 6 league games a stubbornness and resistance to change that has caused us grief.

The more you play a certain way over a season, the more other teams will eventually figure you out. Stubbornness when things aren’t working rarely fixes things in the short-term, which is what the Championship is about – reacting over the course of the 46 games to all the issues that are thrown at you. Unless you’re so bloody good nobody can handle you regardless (promotions of Sunderland, Reading, Man City, Portsmouth and the likes), you need that sort of horses for courses approach.

Norwich had their first choice central defensive partnership disrupted but quickly rectified it and continued to play well. Our’s went wrong yet we stuck with it too long, in the hope it’d eventually be good again. Boothroyd, take note.

4. And finally, I’ve personally been pretty happy with Crainie’s individual performances at left-back, but it’s clear that area of the pitch is proving troublesome. If it’s not Cameron getting his positioning completely wrong, or Doyle fannying up yet another bicycle kick, it’s McSheffrey attempting to help out the left-back, only to be beaten for pace by Mrs Warboys. Which is why I’m glad we’ve finally got someone in place who looks like he can help sturdy up that part of our unit.

Stephen O’Hallaron may still be unfit, but we’ve got to show some trust in him. I’ve always been a champion of Chris Hussey too and hoped he’d eventually be given a chance. Injuries have conspired against him, and you’d be forgiven for worrying that the same would happen with O’Halloran.

Luckily, he’s back, and for the portion of the games he looks fit and is not giving away penalties, I’m actually very keen on him. Definitely makes sense to give him a chance. Boothroyd, take note.

Oh hang on, he has. Good.


  1. Top stuff. The most depressing thing I heard last week was someone (on CWR) say ‘what we need is a creative midfielder’. It reminded of every single transfer window over the past 10 years. We haven’t moved on have we? In fact our squad is now reaching over capacity with a similar mediocre talent pool that led to Dowie’s demise. People can say what they like about Coleman but a signing llike Beuzelin for example (untried, composed, wanted to play football, ok things didn’t work out) was the direction I always hoped the club would go, not re-signing ex-players and relieving premiership reserve teams of their over-hyped nobodies. It’s just lazy.

  2. Ta, Gav. If you ask me, the Beuzelin exit was an odd one anyway. Obviously took a while to adjust to the physical nature of the league, but too much focus was put on a few below-par performances, while the classy games he had were swept under the carpet. That’s fairly standard for us, as is one tackle in 3 weeks being enough to give Doyle a Man of the Match vote. And then there’s Andy Morrell. The fact that he still holds legendary status because he was able to run around a lot says it all.

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