We asked 100 Nottingham Forest fans to describe new Coventry City loanee David McGoldrick in 140 characters.

And our survey said…

Well, the response was a mix of joy, anger, rudeness and a general feeling of sympathy. Never a good sign, but then again, they wouldn’t have let him go if he was flavour of the month.

I did sense a hint of defiance from a few however, who seem pretty annoyed that so many had written him off. This small group reminded me of me, back when I was trying to persuade people that Jay Bothroyd was in fact, bloody decent. The word from this bunch of mavericks is that he’s certainly got sammink, but he’s just a little misunderstood..

The word from the rest however is that he ain’t that great.


Below is a selection of the best/most intriguing comments:

“how about in 4 SHIT #NFFC”  (@Forestboy1977) 

“League One quality, runs around cluelessly, for every good touch makes two bad touches. Scored a couple of goals in 3 years.” (@G_RizzleBFAM)

“worst footballer since Scott Dobie” (@Dave1865)

“You won’t find many Forest fans with much to say about him… It just hasn’t worked out for him here.” (@SeatPitch)

“However, he has ability and potential. He’s still young and I hope he finds some confidence elsewhere, could be decent for you”  (@SeatPitch)

“unfortunately its a question best unanswered. I hope he does well for u tho” (@Smnb6)

“only 4 letters to sum up how hes been for us S, H, I and T. but he may well find the form he had at southampton at a new club.” (@Dazzler_m)

“Ignore the abuse. Very skillful player, full of flair and energy (when he wants to). Just needs confidence. Good acquisition” (@Chris78901)

“McGoldrick: always promises eg on training ground gets players’ plaudits, but rarely translates to match day – v frustrating” (@elDamo)

“Useless. Lazy. Disinterested. Waste of space. #goodluck” (@ShaneKReynolds)

“Our best player in pre season, and looked good v Wigan on Tuesday. Some fans absolutely detest him for reasons unknown” (@Chris78901) 

“you’re better than him. My boss is a Notts fan, he was nearly in tears when he heard he might sign for them!” (@Dave1865)


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