Thorn’s been chatting about Deadline day. Could be interesting..

We are really working hard and looking to bring some new faces in. If we could get a couple of players in, that would be great.

I am trying to get players in but I understand that there is some interest in our players, a few players who are currently on the fringes of the side and they want to play football.

I think that would need to happen before I would be able to bring any new faces in. The ones I like and want to happen are there to be done and are bubbling away nicely.

Attempting to decipher this, you’d imagine Roy O’Donovan to be one of those who is keen to get away. With Nimely joining, and the potential for another forward, it’s surely going to be a struggle for Royboy to get much of a look in. Given how short on numbers we’ve been this season and he’s still been unable to get much of a sniff, I can’t see him pushing the first choice particularly.

As for the others “on the fringes”, it’s a little difficult to call given the injuries and what-not. Eastwood’s only just made his return to the squad and I personally want to see more of him if he’s sorted his fatness out – even if it will save the club a load in wages.

As for figuring out incoming players, my only advice would be to ignore Twitter, and anything retweeted by Stuart Linnell. NORWICH ARE NOT GOING TO BUY CLIVE PLATT.

In other news

This lazy/useless research by the BBC, is once again, pathetic.


Clive Platt is on loan and made his debut last week eh? What a bunch of dipsticks. 

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