As I live and breathe. Interest in the club seems to be hotting up.

For a while I’ve tried to show an element of restraint in assessing the situation, asserting that while Sisu had invited a lot of the trouble themselves, the push over the edge into administration was premature, and actually came from outside influences.

But that’s done now. It’s happened and we’re dealing with the consequences; most notably the threat of being hauled to Walsall for 3 seasons.

It’s clear beyond any fathomable doubt that the situation with Sisu has entered the untenable. Tim Fisher could tomorrow reveal himself to be the cheekier, more forgiving brother of Christ, and someone would still find a reason to call him a twat. I despair at the filthy language, but people have had enough – and mob mentality rules. As the plan to move us from the Ricoh progresses, the dissent towards the owners will only increase. It’s an irretrievable relationship – even Sisu must recognise that.

The animosity and anger has worn me down and I’m tired. I just want a resolution, and if that can come through Mr Byng and pals, or one of the other potential “shows in town”, I’m keen to embrace the opportunity. The more options the better in fact; we still need to be sure that any new faces are at least vaguely capable.

We can bicker amongst ourselves about accountability, or we adjust our focus towards identifying and supporting the best option to dig ourselves out of this sticky patch. If the slated financial interest is genuine, the coming weeks promise to be really interesting, and dare I say it – positive.

Either way, after a period of prolonged disillusion, I’m now certain about one thing…

It’s time to move on.


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