God almighty, feels like we’re starting the season for the fourth time. 

It’s been stop-start. I still don’t feel like anyone has really got going (except QPR, who’ll probably walk the league now), as every time you get a decent flurry of games, an international break comes wading in and ruins it for everyone.

Now’s when we really get going. There are some massive games in the next few weeks, against teams above us. Ipswich are finding their rhythm, and Cardiff are always good.

It’s fair to say our quality of football so far has been poor. But somehow we’re still picking up points fairly regularly.

I am a bit concerned though, as we can’t play like a bunch of sausages for much longer and still get away with it. We always say we prefer results to performances, but there’s also something called riding your luck. Always nice. Problem is, it doesn’t last forever.

We could really do with forcing the issue and making our own luck.

Right, that’s enough of that. Clive’s put us ahead against Ipswich, so frankly I’ve lost all sense of what I was talking about.

I’m also keen to hear more from Dave Bennett, and his views on Lutkiewicz and likkle McJeffrey. 


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