Well, of course, we couldn’t manage that.

Going away to a team who haven’t lost in 15 was always going to be tricky. Saying that, it just means their next loss can’t be far away. That was my attitude going into this game.

Everything is possible in this league, just ask Peterborough and Cardiff. And given how well we played the other day against Doncaster (another team in great form), I would have expected everyone to go into this game with a bit more belief than what you read all over the forums.

“I’m expecting a loss today “.

This was the consensus. Sure, I can understand guarding against complacency, and playing as the underdogs can often work – but it’s Nottingham Forest, not Barcelona.

You don’t see many teams winning 3 in a row then going into the next game expecting to lose! I don’t think it makes you particularly radical if you go into a match thinking your team can get something out of it, and being disappointed if they’re not able to. Personally, I’d rather do that than be content to amble along in the wilderness for the next 20 years. But each to their own, I guess. Any anyway, the fans don’t prepare the team.

I assume the reason Freddy didn’t start was because he was a little ill last week. Even though he managed 80 mins on Saturday and was able to come on and play 30 against Forest. It’s always the way really – find the winning formula and then have to change it. Bloody hell fire.

Being my usual cynical self, all I can see is that we have a 5 day rest until an FA Cup game on Saturday, where we could afford to change the team then. (We sacrificed our league form and rested players to be ready for a cup game last year – never again . We’re not the sort of team who winning comes easy to, so I don’t think squad rotation is really something we should employ by choice.

Really, unless Freddy was totally incapable of playing, he shouldn’t have spent the first hour sat on the bench. He’s been a cut above everyone else in this winning period. He’s was vital to that run of form.

Suffice to say, one penalty and Clinton is back in the team for the duration now.

It’s just annoying not being able to keep the run going, really. Yeah it’s only one loss – but I still can’t quite work out which way we’re heading which is the frustrating thing. It’d be nice to have an idea.

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