Fresh design. Fresh perspective. Sky Blues Blog is back and ready to give League Two a massive throttling.

Hello Cov fans. Yes, that’s me in the photo, slamming the ball home from 35 yards at the Ricoh with Jodi Jones and Yakubu gawping on. Magic stuff. We won’t talk about what happened 30 seconds later… I’m not too proud to admit I cried myself to sleep that night, cloaked in the remnants of my (worryingly unhealthy) Subway goodie bag.

But enough of my footballing failures. You may have noticed I’ve taken some time off blogging lately (around fifteen months, to be in no way precise). At the time it felt like there was something really damaging about ballsing up guaranteed promotion under Tony Mowbray. So much so, I simply couldn’t be bothered to invest any more of my time documenting it. I was writing so many articles, attempting to make some sense of it all – and nothing was correlating. We had the League One team of my dreams and still couldn’t muster up a top six finish.

In dramatic fashion, I gave up on the words and focused my energy on simply attending matches and being present in the moment. Now, vomit all you like at that statement (I feel like doing the same), but I’ve read quite a few books which go on about it so much, it’s actually started to resonate, and has made me a pretty happy person.

So, I’m happy. Congratulations to me. But why return to doing something that history has shown makes me so angry?

Well amazingly, the conflicting emotions of last season’s relegation and Wembley victory actually helped clear up my feelings about Coventry City. It struck me that I didn’t have to take things quite so seriously, or obsess over the club in the way I used to, because good things could still happen. I mean, why is it so important to understand something that is often so unpredictable? Dare I divorce myself from that obsession, and simply treat it for what it is: a game? Who knows? But I’d quite like to give it a try.

So while many are losing interest and finding other things to do, this blog is back for the forthcoming League Two campaign with a fresh mindset and approach to football. Ultimately I’m on a journey towards being a happy Coventry City fan again, in spite of conventional wisdom on the subject indicating that’s literally impossible. With the aspiration to be happy comes another challenge: is it possible to be a demanding fan who expects success, while not letting it ruin your entire life if it doesn’t happen?

Of course this laissez-faire mindset will strike many as dismissive. There are issues at our club and I’m acutely aware of that. But I’ve been that person and in all honesty I’m bored of allowing a soap opera to consume my life. That’s not to say I judge people for being consumed by it or fighting the fight – it’s still very important – but right now I’m quite happy focusing on watching some games of football and allowing only the games (and maybe some dipstick chanting) ruin a small portion of my week.

We’ll soon find out how long this approach lasts. Obviously I’m forcing it a little. But for now, thanks for having me back and let’s hope we’ve got a season ahead of us which includes some success. You never know, we might even have a laugh or two in the process.

Expect plenty of Lamptey pods, regular pre-game rambling, some 100-word match reports, and lots and lots of commas.



  1. Lovely Oxford comma in that final sentence! Welcome back. Glad to see you’ve found some perspective. Ultimately football is just a game.

    1. Cheers! Turns out it’s not that difficult to do either. Not to say that it doesn’t matter or I don’t care because I still really do; just that there’s a lot of value in finding ways to separate it from the rest of your life.

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