So, you’ve just been tonked 5-1 in a game you thought you’d stroll, against a team you’re still sure you’re better than. Saturday night is no doubt feeling a bit flat, and no amount of Bruce Forsyth, Niall Quinn or Boxing is going to fix that. What do you do?

There’s no set formula for returning your mood back to normal. Some of you may have already come to terms with it; some will be kicking the cat for the rest of the weekend. But if you are still struggling and plan to be angry until we play again, here are just a few methods which have been known to reduce the length of football-related moodiness, useful for a wide range of philosophical bents.


It may not be needed and it may not be constructive, but it definitely helps to get it out of your system. How do you think I went to work smiling the day after Crewe gave us the JPT hiding of our lives? That’s right, I whinged all the way home and ruined the evening of everybody I encountered.

So ruin tonight, swear at the Football League Show and especially Steve Claridge’s shit haircut – tomorrow is a new day.


Who cares if we lost, it doesn’t matter – we’re still going up. Defiance is important to moving on, and maybe this was just a one-off, and things will be back to usual on Tuesday. Actually, things will definitely be back to normal, because we’re fantastic.

See – defiance. Listen to me roar.

Ignore it

Ignore what? I’m off to the Working Mens Club to play dominoes.

Think about Pressley

Just remember – Steven is king, and even though the defence has made a right pigsear of it for the last game and a half, Pressley’s team has been a revelation for 90% of the season. Which bit are you going to focus on?

Distract yourself

Here is a photo of Joe Murphy looking like an uncontrollable spanny. Look at this for ten minutes and see if you can figure out what in God’s name the man was doing at the time.

Joe Murphy - League One's finest? It's not hard, but probably.

At least you weren’t there..

Controversial stuff, but if you weren’t at Sixfields, count yourselves lucky. Journeys home from away grounds are always rotten – take your stroke of luck and head off to the cinema to watch Gravity with the time and petrol you will have saved.

Focus on the positives

We’ve made great strides. We’ve got a whole load of kids who are surpassing the pre-season expectations of them. And without the points deduction, we’re still the 4th best team in the league.

Of course losing 5-1 is a shocker and the players need to get a grip of themselves, but it’s not like they’ve made a habit of losing. Maybe it’s worth giving them the chance to make things right.



  1. no predictions for tonight’s game boys?

    c’mon you need to reclaim some credibility after saturday’s shambles!

    don’t forget to have a drink first…..

  2. A nice summary of reactions to a hiding on Saturday afternoon. I suspect many fans go through a bit of each of them. For me it was thinking about Pressley that dominated this time, though. As for Joe Murphy, I would guess that he was gripeweaselling about something or other.

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