Those of a certain age will bloody love this. To be fair, those who don’t even recall the twentieth century can have a ball with it too.

A couple of weeks ago a book made its way through the post to me and I was asked to take a look. It was the latest from the successful Got, Not Got series which had somehow arrived at chronicling the history of Coventry City.

My initial reaction was a fairly understandable “awesome”, and having gorged on it cover-to-cover since, that opinion has been fully cemented

What’s not to love. As much as harking back to days of old could be seen as a hindrance in progressing our club culture into a forward-looking one, when modern supporter joy is so sparse, I’m actually at my happiest when recalling the olden days. Football was less complicated then, and more pertinently, so was Coventry City.

Ubiquitous Panini football stickers, irresistible Esso Club Badges, confusingly attractive brown shirts, controversially desirable “T” designs – vintage Coventry City is where the fun’s at. This book by Derek Hammond & Gary Silke spans the decades in triumphant detail, successfully resurrecting memories that many will have lost completely.

The images and detail are provided in large part from the impressive collections of uber-collector Dean Nelson and The Football Attic’s Rich Johnson, showcasing memorabilia that would be the envy of any 30+ City reminiscent, while teasing the younger generation with tales of a golden era that would struggle to validate itself as fantasy in 2014.

With Christmas round the corner, and the current lot causing embarrassment more than anything else of note, I’d happily suggest this as a cracking present for any Sky Blues fan wishing to re-affirm their love for the club.

Sometimes we all need a reminder of why we still do this.

Got, Not Got: Coventry City: The Lost World of Coventry City is available now for ÂŁ12.99


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