Well, that’s that then. The obligatory photo-with-a-new-shirt-that-doesn’t-really-seem-right has been released. Gunnar (or Gunny, as he’s known by this blog – cheers Peep Show) has finally made his mind up and naffed off to Cardiff.


(Photo pinched taken from Official Cardiff City Website – please don’t get cross).

He’s got the physique, he’s got the talent, he’s got the mullet, he’s got the bird. In fact, on the face of it, he’s got a lot going for him has Gunny. I’m not going to sit here and let resentment cast a shadow over how much potential I think he’s got. Physically and technically, he’s quite a specimen.

The only thing that is going to stop Aron Gunnarsson fulfilling his potential is that supersized, all-too-aware, desperate to look good, head of his.

Ask any Coventry fan and they’ll tell you that if he plays at full tilt, he’s the best player on the pitch. When he knocks it and runs past a player, not many in the Championship can deal with that stride of his. You won’t knock him off the ball without a fight.

Concentration and focus is where he comes unstuck though. His game at the moment shows an undeniably naturally gifted player, demonstrating this in a completely unnatural way. Gawping around, checking the scenery, dragged-out delays for treatment, exagerrated movement, desperate to look like he’s making an effort. He’s guilty of all these.

I once read Roy Keane say of Peter Schmeichel that he was a show off, exagerrating everything he did. I always think back to this when I watch Gunnarsson. Of course, the fans love the bravado, and I’ve no doubt he’ll be diving into tackles and put everything into becoming the darling of the Cardiff supporters.

It’s all too conscious though. If he’s ever going to grow into the player his talent suggests he should become, he has to stop thinking about how he looks to the people watching him, stop trying to look like a footballer, and just grab each game by the scruff of the neck. He’s good enough.

It’s quite an obscure observation I know. Most Coventry fans should have an idea what I’m getting at though; Cardiff fans – have a look next year.

He’s a talented guy, and (wally-brain aside) I’m sad to see him go. Coventry player or not, I just hope he can start to do himself justice.


  1. Interesting read and a very good blog by the way. Thanks for providing this. As a Cardiff fan it will be interesting to see how he plays and settles in. Our supporters tend to like effort over substance so we’ll have to see how he gets on.

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