Due to moving house and generally not wanting to jinx anything, I’ve spent the last month watching and keeping schtum about Coventry, in the hope that things might have finally changed for us.

In case you’ve missed it (it happened so quickly, you may have), we’ve managed to throw a potentially good season away once again.

16th March 2010. We found ourselves 2 points off the play-offs, playing at home, against the team in 6th. It was all set up for us to finally make that step up.

What’s happened?

Another capitulation. 

For one reason or another, our players and manager just couldn’t seem to get up for the games when they really mattered. It’s always “nearly” good enough. Apparently because we got so close to the play-offs, this now constitutes a successful season?

Not sure how. 

This happened last year. In fact, my tongue-in-cheek prediction for this season was that we would “go on a good run in February, leading us to all to believe we’re going to make the play-offs… only for us to finish 17th”.

No team should be so predictably feeble.

We’ve got 4 games left now, but the season has already gone and the players know it. Last season we finished with 54 points in what was a generally dire season. That wasn’t good enough.

We’re going to struggle to make that tally this year. All I can see is how we’ve managed to throw away a hard-earned period of good form with a flurry of abject performances again. So what do you choose to judge? The good form, or the capitulation?

We all buy our season tickets in the belief that our club will try for the entire season. For 3 years in a row, that hasn’t happened.

It’s all well and good saying you’re being a good fan by giving them all the time in the world and showing constant acceptance of whatever tripe they give us, but is that really going to do any good?

Just look at the Scunthorpe game in December – finally the manager and the players came under widespread pressure, and amazingly won 3 games in a row. Coincidence? I don’t think so. If you keep accepting rubbish, that’s eventually all you’re ever going to get. It’s only when we question things that we ever see any change for the better. All we want is a team that we can trust to perform, regardless of the occasion.

The way we’ve folded this season – is that acceptable? It ruddy well isn’t.
It’s just embarrassing.


  1. I entirely agree with you. I often wonder what incentive there is for ‘middling’ Championship players. If the Sky Blues ever do what Dowie and Palace did some years ago and fluke the Play Offs only a handful of the middling team will still be around come the end of that inaugral first Premiership season. This can’t be a motivator surely. I mean if the boss in the office gave you a huge sales target and you knew they’d get a better salesman if you achieved it? So should we blame Coleman and the players? You could write a thesis on that one. All I know is that City have never ‘got’ this division, never nailed, cracked, sorted, figured or dominated it since 2001. And it’s painful, oh is it painful. Yet Norwich City, Leeds Utd, Southampton (and possibly Sheff Weds) could be used as comparison points. We’ve made 14th spot our own in the Championship and we are if nothing else consistently average. But without a storming run in the play offs the Ricoh crowds must surely dwindle. If they do it means more humdrum players who know full well that Premiership football means ‘goodbye and thanks for what you’ve done boys’. It’s a headache.

  2. Spot on John – this has been my point all season. What gets me are all the arguments about how “this is our level” and we shouldn’t expect any more than this at the moment. In what world can people say that Blackpool, Swansea, Cardiff or Doncaster are ahead of us in terms of what should be expected? It’s not like they’ve spent big.That’s the problem, there’s no pressure to actually push forward – it’s accepted as “progress” that we’ve finished each of the last 3 seasons diabolically.I think we have the core of a good team, but there’s just too much tinkering, and a manager who fails to see when he’s stumbled across a winning formula. That can be when picking the team, or during a match when we take the lead, then the management team race to the edge of the technical area to work their “magic”. I often wonder, what if when we score a goal, we just continue to play in the same manner that got us the lead? Simplistic, but instead all you ever see are 2 blokes on the sidelines barking instructions, changing formations, adjusting winning line-ups. There’s no fluency about us as a team because we’re constantly making wholescale changes to our line-ups if we lose. Freddy Eastwood could have 20 goals this season if the manager had allowed him to continue his form.The fact that we have thrown away 23 points this season having taken the leads suggests to me that there is talent there, but it’s supplemented with lots of poor attitudes, minimal ambition, bad tactical management and a fundamental lack of bottle.Ta for posting, talking absolute sense, and giving me an outlet to continue my rant!

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