Right, probably about time I let my thoughts be known about this match. I’ll just write a list of my musings as they come to me.

1) Yes, Clinton scored a nice goal…but he shouldn’t be our first choice striker. I read him say in the paper today “If Forest can rotate, why can’t Coventry?”

I’ll tell you why Clintonio – it’s because the Forest team has developed a style of play and winning mentality over many months that the best teams do. We won 3 in a row (which would normally be classed as the beginning of a winning run) and thought that we were suddenly brilliant, all over again.

Maybe if we’d stuck with a winning team as far as possible, we’d have a mentality and fluency about us by now. Instead, Coleman’s still fiddling with the formula, and even when he comes across something that works (Best and Eastwood up front), he tries to be clever and bring you (Clint) back in.

All because he fancies you.

It’s been the Clinton Morrison show all season.

2) Following on from this thought, Martin Cranie was playing out of his skin at right-back when we won those 3 games in a row, so shoving him over to left-back is rubbish. Wright did okay in the previous league match, but if you’re talking longevity, Cranie is the best right back at the club. You’ve got to play him there.

3) There is something wrong with our tactics and ability to adjust during the game. We’ve played 29 games this season (league and cup), and gone ahead in 16 of those. That’s a whole load of opportunities to win and progress.

We’ve won 8 games all season. To me, that’s a very poor ratio from winning positions.

We went ahead against Ipswich, and almost immediately went into our shell and seemed scared to go for the win. People who “know” football say that’s sensible. I don’t think so, I’d say that’s unrealistic and a negative mentality. You’ve got to understand the ebb and flow of a game – when to attack, when to defend. We can’t do either it seems. One thing that is for certain; you can’t rely on holding teams out for the entire game if you score in the first 10 minutes.

That’s ludicrous.

It seems simple logic that if we play well up until we score, it might actually be because we have got something about us when we play our natural game. So why we’re constantly trying to curb that and just encourage teams onto us once we do go ahead, I don’t know.

4) Substitutions. Christopher, bloody identify when players aren’t doing it, and change them.

And this doesn’t mean identify them in the 80th minute. It’s pot luck if they’re going to even get the ball in that time. Give people the chance to make an impact.

Basically, take McIndoe off if he’s rubbish again and bring on Carl Baker. He earned a decent crack by showing McIndoe up in the previous game.

5) We can’t concentrate for an entire game. It happened against Portsmouth, and the same keeps happening again and again. Right before half-time, right after half-time, right before full-time. There’s no professionalism to get the job done and they just switch off too often.

You could see it so clearly on the TV. We scored, and were so pleased with ourselves (lots of high-fiving and inane grinning) we thought it was perfectly okay to forget about shape and concentration. Gunnarsson may not be a right back, but he was an absolute country mile out of position. McPake then decided to commit himself when there was no cover, and the rest was just shocking.

It’s all about decisions, and we make some crazy ones sometimes.

6) Coleman embarrassing me with his rant.

Oi, Chris. Why not focus all that rage and anger at the players who can’t defend for 10 seconds?

Fact is, we scored after 6 minutes injury time, so your argument is void anyway. I appreciate the passion, but if you can’t defend for 10 seconds, you don’t deserve any points.

All you’ve done is deflect from the real issues of the game – bad tactics and our team’s lack of professionalism. I bloody hope this is all a front and behind the scenes you’re working like you’ve never worked before to address these problems.

I doubt it though.

All in all – the result was gutting. All the momentum and confidence the players built up in December has probably gone now because of this fiddling and piddling with the formula.

Bloody hell fire.

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