It’s been a cause for contention ever since Richard Keogh (and Sammy to a lesser extent) left the club. Where have all the captains gone?

Super Zinedine Kilbane joined over the summer and for all intents and purposes was given the responsibility by default. He is elderly, ergo; he must be captain.

The main issue with this reasoning however is that if you pick a captain, you pretty much need it to be someone who you want and trust to play most games. Following a total of 9 completed passes in two months (give or take a few), Kevin did very little to justify this untouchable status. He’s been unavailable for a while just lately, although I have to admit, I can’t help but feel suspicious.

Not to worry, though. In his place, Robins has thrust slimjim Carl Baker into the limelight. OK, he’s been notoriously inconsistent, but so far this season he’s always been there, which is an achievement in itself. Who cares if he looks like he may snap – the man runs, and gives a lot for the cause.

But is he the best man for the job?

Last week, I ran a poll asking that very question. Clearly I had to keep the choices to a sensible level; cheeky Kevin Malaga’s been given the cold-shoulder, and Roy-naldo could never be trusted in a million years. So none of those. But of the seven candidates I proposed, here were the results:

[poll id=”4″]

Yep. Woody came out on top, and I can certainly see why that’s happened. He’s been captain before, he’s captained another club, he plays in a captain sort of position, and looks all captain-y too.

But he does appear to me as deceptively quiet. He’s not as much of a brute as you’d assume, with the idea of Richard Wood being far tougher than Woody himself. That’s not a criticism, he’s just not that kind of player. So with almost half the vote, it’s really a sign of the confidence that many people have in his leadership potential and ability.

My personal vote may strike you as a surprising one. I went a little left field and plumped for Steve Jennings. He’s not played much over our recent upturn in results, but I still feel he’s going to have a big role to play for us this season, especially now we’re starting to build a little momentum and gaining some understanding of the roles within the team.

I really thought his first few games for the club were hugely impressive. He was solid, meticulous, and fantastically caring in possession. He looked the real deal.

Then after Bury, things started to get pretty messy for the team, confidence dropped throughout, and his individual level seemed to slip as well. He’s been out for a short while, but I’ll happily stick my neck out on this one – he’ll be back.

But that’s just me. If this poll was any gauge, the idea of Richard Wood taking the armband seems to be a popular one (for the sake of giving these results some credence I’m going to assume there’s actually only 75 City fans).

Robins seems happy enough with Carl though, and with the way things are going at the minute, I guess you can hardly blame him..

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