It’s the return of BBC’s Late Kick Off. Regular Sky Blues commenter Richard Keys appears on it tonight, but the interview is already available online if want to have a look. He’s very forceful in his views that Sisu have to sell. There’s also a bit of back-tracking from the premature statements he made over Christmas, but once again, he’s adamant that Hoffman and his investors are keen to get this deal done, and for Sisu to allow it to happen.

Watch the full Late Kick Off interview with Richard Keys – BBC Website

Can’t watch the video? Here are the key points:

  • He describes the club as “close to terminal”.
  • Says the club used to have a place of stature within English football. Now, “we have been reduced to a laughing stock”.
  • Sees the biggest problem being that the club doesn’t own the arena (yes, that’s an obvious statement). There’s no income.
  • As he understands, next year’s season ticket money has been spent already.
  • Debts are still accruing at a frightening rate.
  • He doesn’t understand why Sisu wish to continue in their ownership of the club. Can’t understand why they didn’t do the deal in August, and is amazed that the same people who were at the table then, are still interested. “Now is the time to do a deal”.
  • “Gary can provide an initial injection of finance”. He knows Gary’s backers to be football people, good people, solid people. “Gary’s solid”.
  • Centre to the bid will be the purchase or part purchase of the arena. The investors will be in a position to begin the purchase, if not immediately, then at least start the process swiftly.
  • There was a very good meeting in August, but Ken was briefing against the bidders the moment he left the room. Ken said that he could sort this out.
  • “They [Sisu] have turned it around, in fairness to them. If they’d had a game plan which was to ruin a football club […] they have turned it around”.
  • Gary’s not in a position to reveal investors. They’ve been let down before, and they can’t risk that again.
  • “Gary’s doing everything and more he can, to bring about a situation that would please Coventry City supporters. That may not happen. You can’t blink and expect that it’ll all happen in that moment.”
  • Gary’s doing the right thing by keeping a low profile, but what he can’t do is promise. Caution is understandable.
  • Sisu know full well who the prospective investors are. 

It’s yet more talk and little action, but it’s insight into the current state of play, or at least the Hoffman perspective. The one thing I would say is that it sounds like there hasn’t been a bid so far this winter. And given that we’ve just sold one of our biggest assets – one you’d assume the new investors would have been keen on keeping – you do wonder just how close we really are to a deal being done?

A lot of work lies ahead, I suspect.

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