If you were one of those who found yourself reaching for the D:Ream CD this week following news of Hoff’s formal bid as well as the positive sounds about the Le Fondre deal, you’d be advised to stop reading now.

Things can only get better? Bullshine.

Things can only get better.. unless you’re a Coventry fan – in which case – you’re f*cked.

Our protracted pursuit of Le Fondre appears to have come to an embarrassingly abrupt conclusion with ALF making it quite clear that Reading is his intended destination (if his endless retweeting is anything to go by).

While Tango Ken and the crew spent the summer with their hands down the back of sofas in an attempt to pull together a half-way acceptable offer, soppy Brian and the team at Reading have swooped and got things sorted in the matter of few days. Okay, we have very little money, so shouldn’t be surprised at the way things have panned out. I bloody hate having to put up with coming up short all the time though, so the hope of bringing in a highly-regarded goalscorer was offering some slim, but much needed hope. Losing out is a huge blow. Who, if anyone, are we going to end up with now?

Unfortunately with Coventry, there’s little respite, and fresh off the back of this underwhelming news, The Telegraph have now revealed that the Hoffman bid has had to be withdrawn. Something to do with complications arising through potential links with the investing company and current West Ham manager Sam Allardyce. I will never claim to be a football finance expert, and will also never claim to have any real interest in it. All I know is that someone can’t have ‘interests’ in two football clubs at the same time, and it appears this has scuppered the bid. Quite how direct the link between Big Sam and the investing company is, we can only speculate, but if it’s enough to force a retraction of the offer, how exactly did they miss it in the first place?

I’m sure more detail will come out over the next few days, but for now, the full story is on The Telegraph website

I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again – bloody hell fire.


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