Highlights from BBC Sport website – Leeds 1- 1 Coventry UK users only, and it probably won’t work great on mobiles I’m afraid. Soz to pretty much everyone who’ll read this on a mobile, and also my one reader from Vietnam.  Edit 01/11/11: Times up. BBC videos are only available for a short while, meaning this has since been removed.

It’s fair to say the 90 minute mark has been our cue to fanny things up just lately. I’ll admit that I didn’t hold out much hope for us coming into this game, given our dismal away record. I’d also had a little look over the squads beforehand, and it made for scary reading. It really emphasises the difference in options when you see players like Mikael Forssell and Luciano Becchio sat on the bench twiddling their thumbs, then look back at ours and have Sky Blue Sam waving back at you.

Not to worry. We started off brightly enough, and as I’d given Sammy Clingan a talking up for a piece I’d done for a Leeds blog the night before, it was nice to see him having an early shot to confirm my keenness about his right boot. We then fell under an increasing amount of pressure, and once O’Dea had knocked them in front, the other away losses began to play on my mind. If it wasn’t for Joe Murphy, who I’ll admit he and I haven’t seen eye-to-eye with so far this season (a metaphor in every sense; we’ve clearly never met), Leeds would have been home and dry long before we were able to pile on the pressure in the final period of the game.

It made me laugh, really. After the Forest game, I whinged about how little time we usually spend in the opponents half in the final stages of games, whether we’re winning, losing or drawing. Away at Leeds you’d expect this to be the case even more so. They sat back surprisingly deep however, and really gave us the opportunity to have a go at them. And have a go we did.

We didn’t create any clear cut chances, but it was pleasing to see us forcing the issue and putting them under genuine pressure for what seemed like a prolonged period of play (by our standards). Obviously we’d love it to be like that for 90 minutes. But this isn’t World Cup ’98 on the N64, and none of our players have that works-everytime rollover trick in their locker. Feel free to ignore my football game analogies by the way. They’re essentially the same, just with a different game each time. Next week, I explain why David Bell belongs in World Cup Italia ’90.

Sorry, I digress.

We really stuck at it, and were a testament to the team spirit that Thorn is undoubtedly bringing to our tiny group of players. I’m sure we all felt that time had ran out for us when Rachubka’s unexpected and pretty inexplicable error left Woody with the opportunity to pinch the draw for us, which he duly converted.

Cue delirium and a mass invasion of regular personal space.

Last minute goals; I love you.


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