Did a search for “Leon Clarke” on Twitter.

Seems everyone’s really keen on him at the moment. Especially the fans of the club he’s so desperate to join…

Don’t worry, I realise we’ll all be fine in a week. It does make you laugh though. The man purposely destroys the relationship with a club where the fans love him, to force through a move to a club where a whole host of them think he is – and I quote – “a fat useless twat”.

Football really is absolutely nothing like the real world.



  1. Hes got himself into a right old pickle now… Wolves fans don’t want him, and from the looks of it Pressley doesn’t want him around the squad much longer either after the way hes conducted himself.

    From being the top scorer in the division and loved by one set of fans. Hes turned his own world into one where the fans who once loved him now dislike him, his manager who helped him grow into the player he is, now no longer wants him and the fans of the club hes trying to force his way into, don’t want either.

    Crazy to think how hes created this all by himself, when he was being hailed as a king only 3-4 weeks ago.

  2. More money, 5% of the transfer fee, more than likely a massive pay rise, six strikers to pit yourself against so wont play every week (easy money then).

    Future may bring championship status, so more win bonuses and hike in pay again, if it all goes tits up, you will still get paid for the next 18 months at least, and you will even save money on your monthly petrol bill for the new Bentley you can now afford.

    This is my take on the conversation Clarke may have had with his agent two months ago, players move on, again I convince myself as long as we have Pressley we will progress.
    New players will arrive and fit into Pressley’s system, work hard improve and continue to play at a consistant level, bringing us some success next season.
    I wish clarke all the best in his new venture, some how I think he is going to need it, although in his position he proberbly doesn’t give a monkeys.

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