Let’s all make the Football League alphabetical

Statistical news everyone – If football matches lasted just 7 minutes this season, we’d be 3rd.

Something to cling onto, eh?

A few years back I got so fed up with City conceding late goals that I investigated what the world would be like if we didn’t have to play the final ten minutes. The results were impressively depressing – Coventry City would have been in the Championship play-offs.

Fortunately we don’t have such arms-length regret any longer as this fantastic animated table from Experimental 3-6-1 mastermind Ben Mayhew demonstrates.

It shows that our issues run much deeper than what used to be bad luck and lacking concentration in the final moments of matches. What we’d all give to have that as a concern nowadays.

Here’s how we’d be getting on if games finished at various points:

10 minutes: 4th
20 minutes: 6th
30 minutes: 13th
45 minutes: 16th
60 minutes: 18th
70 minutes: 17th
80 minutes: 15th
90 minutes: 17th

In conclusion, we’re not too bad while the opposition is easing into the game and alpabetical order is our friend.

Then everyone remembers how fragile we are and our performance invariably goes to buggery.

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