Mark Robins wants out. And is soon to get his way. There is an urge to suppress my crossness, because I know I’ll be over this as quickly as I was with Jay Tabb leaving, or even Robbie Keane (oh Robbie). But on the other hand, anger can be good. So here are my immediate, and probably irrational, emotions.

I am more than happy as manager of Coventry City. [Maybe] If Manchester United came calling… but they have a manager.

I have been here for five months, so we’re getting dangerously close to the 11th-month average for Coventry managers.

But, in all seriousness, I had a meeting with some of the board on Wednesday and spoke to the owner about other things planning for the future, so that should tell you a story.

It’s hard to believe this was Mark Robins 5 days ago. Our manager of less than 5 months spoke these words, as he batted away yet another question about his future at the club.

Forgive me, but the last time I checked Huddersfield Town weren’t Manchester United. And it’s that decision which wrangles most.

Yeah, I’m disgusted that he’s only been here 5 minutes and has already fucked off. As City fans, we’ve no concept of the transient nature of successful managers being poached. It’s not something we’ve been even vaguely exposed to. So while Robins’ increasing stock in the Football League has been hard to ignore, I certainly had no foresight of him leaving so soon.

But to go like this, to bloody Huddersfield TownIt’s a mind-bending change of tack, considering the direction he was taking our own club. He spoke at the weekend about his desire to achieve something this season, and for us not to be “nearly-men”. He even got me so geed up with his determination that I ranted during the latest Nii Lamptey Show about this new direction and drive, like some sort of uncontrollable idiot.

We all change our minds – it’s an understandable nuisance – but where I struggle to accept change is when an expectation has been set, only for it to be abruptly altered. We were led to believe he was happy, and was only going to leave if something brilliant came up. But the manner in which he has attempted to force through this move (clearing his desk before the approach had even been accepted) can only suggest that he either wasn’t happy here, or he genuinely sees Hudderfield as a brilliant opportunity, and far greater than what’s on offer at Coventry. As fans, both scenarios result in huge kicks in the gums.

Don’t get me wrong. I had nothing against Huddersfield before this. They’re a regular sort of club who’ve barely come into contact with us. But that in itself should tell you something. They’ve barely come into contact with us because they haven’t had a chance to. In the grand scheme of football, we’re still a bigger club than them, regardless of how we swapped leagues last year. Even if you’re looking at potential alone, I’m certain we should hold enough of a draw to fend off approaches from Huddersfield for our manager. No amount of discussion about their finances or trajectory is going to sway me on that one. It’s how I feel.

So why now? Why would he want to leave after only 5 months in a job he was doing so well in? Can it be solely down to money? We know Huddersfield have a bit to spend, so he’s clearly going to take home a chunk more. But let’s face it, if he can be persuaded by Huddersfield in these circumstances, when he’s only just started another job, it was only a matter of time before he had his head turned by somebody.

It’s really hard to hide my bitterness towards what is such an unfamiliar situation. We spent ages figuring out who our next manager should be; we even threw away 5 games of the season with dippy Richard Shaw in charge, just so we made sure we took the time to get the right man. Now we’re essentially being punished for getting that right. He was out of work at the time, we gave him a chance to prove what he can do, and 5 months later, this is how we’re repaid.

In the meantime, they’ve just sacked the manager who got them promoted. If that wasn’t bad enough, who can forget last season when Lee Clarke – a guy who’d went 43 games unbeaten and was pushing for automatics – was given the boot for what I can only assume was not going unbeaten long enough.

I would love to be able to dismiss the situation as “just football” and switch my focus to yet another candidate. But this just feels different. It feels wrong.

Over the last 20 years, we’ve made few correct decisions. In Mark Robins, while making his share of mistakes, there were plenty of signs to suggest that we had actually managed it this time.

But now we’ll never know. He’s thrown away all the good work he was doing, all the good will the fans had for him, and most importantly, the hope the people of Coventry had that things were finally starting to go our way.

You could have been someone, Mark. Now you’re on the naughty list with Craig Bellamy and Nicky Summerbee. I hope you’re pleased with yourself.

And you still look like a dinnerlady. There. I said it.



  1. I love that post. It’s everything I want to say – especially the dinner lady thing.
    God I’m gutted.
    Personally speaking and I know he has his issues, only someone with the force of personality and drive to win like Dennis Wise could make me smile again.
    Either that or nick a clearly disgruntled di caneo off Swindon.
    God I’m gutted.

  2. I’m a Huddersfield Town fan. Thought this was very interesting to read. About the sackings of Grayson and Clark; it’s easy to make assumptions as an outsider but with Grayson we went nearly 3 months without a win and there were no signs of changing, in fact it was getting worse. With Lee Clark, we went 43 games unbeaten but I think 22 of those were draws. That’s the thing, there were too many draws, and throwing away draws from what should be comfortable positions. I’ve not heard lots about Robins but by your reaction, he looks as if he could do a job. If he keeps us up, that’s all I care about.

    1. Matthew, cheers for stopping by. I’m sure you had your reasons. As you can imagine I can only really look at this from my partizan viewpoint, but always nice to have the other perspective. It may seem that I hate you for pinching our manager, but I wouldn’t take this too personally!

    1. Wouldn’t that be nice. 6 months ago, you offer us a choice of Robins or Adkins, we’d have gone nuts for Nige. I’m not sure if he’d fancy the drop down to League One having tasted the Prem, but it could be a tasty opportunity for him.

  3. Huddersfield town fan here to congratulate you on an obviously heart felt article…..the fact that you are so upset gives me hope that we have a good manager coming to us.
    Just a couple of points about our two previous managers……Lee Clark was a suprise to just about everyone outside of Huddersfield but one of the reasons for him being shown the door was his lack of loyalty…..just as you see Robins at the moment… Clark was heavily rumoured to have applied for the Leeds and Leicester jobs,There were a couple of other issues as well as the quality of football nose diving in his vain attempts to keep the unbeaten record going.
    Grayson seems to have been the victim of player power which is scandalous but needed to be acted on as we went from lively outsiders to nick a play-off place to relegation candidates in just two months,once again,the sacking wasn’t a suprise to much of Huddersfield.
    Thanks once again for a good read and i sincerely hope….if Robins does come to us……that you find a good replacement and your club can move forward again.

  4. As a Town fan I must add to Matthews comments. Lee Clark had broken the chairman’s trust by allegedly applying for the Leicester and Wolves posts behind the club’s back. If this isnt enough for the sack then I dont know what is.
    I totally understand your frustrations though on Robins. I would be well annoyed if my manager of 5 months was lured away.
    Good luck in searching for a new manager. Grayson is available.

    1. Christ. Huddersfield. I don’t think I’ve ever encountered a more rational set of supporters. You could at least make it easier for me to hate you in my time of woe!

      1. thats cos we are friendly yorkshiremen, well 95% are anyway, like all clubs we have some numptys, but when you come up next season your welcome to share a pint with us

  5. im a Huddersfield fan, and ive always had a bit of a soft spot for the sky blues, so i can understand you been upset, perhaps his reasons are that he feels the club is right for him? the set up and everything? we arent a bigger club than coventry probably on a par actually, we would have pulled in the same crowds in the prem, but perhaps like i say he likes the set up here, because we do have an excellent set up, and also its 30 mins from manchester is home town?, anyway hope you get another good manager and still make and win the play offs

    1. Although now I think about it, it’s probably easy to be understanding, you’re getting a bloody good manager out of this!

  6. Town fan here. I understand your frustrations and I’m surprised at the move. I’m unsure as to what financial backing he believes he will get in the future at Cov but he’ll be sensibly but well backed at HTAFC.

    It does however disappoint me when rival football fans mention Lee Clark and say how hard done to he was. Lee had 3 and a half seasons and an enviable budget to try and get us out of League One and failed. We’d gone from playing attacking aesthetic football when he first joined to hoof ball by the end. The 43 games unbeaten run had around 50% of the results as draws and with all due respect being happy with a draw against the likes of Yeovil and Exeter isn’t what the club deserved given the salaries of some of the players. 95% of town fans probably agreed with the sacking and it was by no means a knee jerk reaction from the chairman.

    With regards to Grayson he did a good job in getting us up but realistically we were already assured of a play off place when he came and we didnt end the season well froma results point of view and got a bit lucky with a penalty shoot out win. This season started well but not winning in 13 games and being heavily defeated in a fair few of these games made is position untenable. He was backed well again in the summer but I dont believe he was ever the young hungry manager that the Chairman had in mind.

    I’ll always be grateful to Simon and I believe his experience of managing winning teams in play offs helped massively and in all honesty wouldnt be a bad appointment for yourselves given that this is your likely destination this year.

    1. Thanks. I appreciate the desire to put the record straight. As you can imagine, as fans of other clubs we can only really take these things at face value. I’ll be honest, I’m sure the reasons you state are valid. I’d heard many of them prior to all this hoopla around Robins. We took a lot of stick nationally for sacking Andy Thorn after three draws, but most of us knew it was the right thing to do. So the sackings still felt relevant to mention – albeit in a slightly disingenuous manner.

      I guess at this moment, my sole focus is with Coventry. We’ve lost a bloody good manager here, after he gave us a load of talk about being here for the long haul. It’ll take a while for the resentment towards the situation to subside. Three, maybe, four days. Who knows.

  7. Anyway…it makes up for you selling Robbie Simpson to us for £250,000!!!….Lee Clark doesn’t look so good when that is mentioned!!

        1. It was reported last night that he had cleared his desk and declared his interested in leaving, even though the approach had been rejected. OK, he was prompted by the offer coming in for him, but we all know how football fans think. That’s basically him saying he would rather go and work somewhere else, which never feels good. Especially after 5 months.

  8. I`ve lived in both cov and hudds and to be honest they are both clubs of similar potential.Hudds have been starved of financial backing for years and as you may find out the lower leagues are not that easy to get out of and very the away support is pitiful.Hudds is a much bigger place than you realize with kirklees – having a population of around half a million people. crowds of 30 to 40 thousand occasionally attended hudds games in the 70`s the last time they graced the top flight.In 1972 48,000 turned up for a cup game against stoke. With dean hoyle`s money now backing the club and millions being spent on a new training facility and infrastructure it is becoming an attractive proposition and the good times may not be that far away. Cov will rise again and i for one look forward to the day.

  9. Massive Huddersfield fan here, Just read your article and I have to say it makes for interesting reading. Growing up I have always seen Coventry as a big club. I remember watching them play in the premier league and then the championship and thinking what a cracking club. Whenever I have met Coventry fans they always come across as decent people. However in this article it appears to me as though you are looking down your nose at Huddersfield Town. We too are a proud football club with a rich history. We were the first club to win the league 3 times in a row. We won the FA cup and appeared in several cup finals. But this is History. Just as your success was History. We can all be proud of our clubs history. Which brings me to the Mark Robins situation. First of all I think the manner in which this deal has taken place is extremely disrespectful to Coventry City. However being a Huddersfield supporter I hope he comes in and keeps us in the Championship and goes on to lead us to further success. Unfortunately in football nowadays (prepare for two cliches) Money talks and There is no loyalty anymore. I just want to say I wouldn’t have any worries if I was a Coventry fan because whoever comes in (bar Megson) will do a fantastic Job and finish off what Robins started and more to the point will take credit for it in the eyes of the Coventry faithful. All the best for the rest of the season and hopefully we will meet in the Championship next season. 🙂

  10. As a Town fan, I think it’s a perfectly fair article, apart from your knowledge of the departures of Clark and Grayson. Clark wasn’t sacked for going 43 unbeaten – it was the fact that he’d had a massive (league 1) budget over three seasons and the football had gone from expansive and exciting to horrific dross, glossed over by having individual players who could pull a rabbit out of a hat. There were other things potentially going on behind the scenes too. Grayson was on course to take us down – we played well for approx 2 months of his 11 in charge. Our promotion was a result of dogged determination and our run of 12 games without a win had been coming. Your other points I can agree with – you do have more (much longer-term) potential, but in the immediacy of football, our potential is perhaps slightly better at the moment. He’s being offered the chance to work closely with the academy set-up and build the club up from the ground – not just at first team level – maybe that’s the attraction, I’m not sure. I know we have an exciting crop of youngsters coming through at the moment. For what it’s worth, I think he’s applied for the job.

  11. Another Town fan here to add to the comments above! Really good blog post and can completely understand where you’re coming from – I’d be gutted if someone doing a decent job for us was to want to leave after just 5 months. And after reaffirming his commitment to the club less than a week previous… well, let’s just say I would be particularly unhappy. Although my initial reaction to your characterisation of our club was defensive, actually I can’t really argue as for the last 2 decades (at least), City have realised their potential far better than Town have (barring the events of this last season, though I’m sure you’ll get back up). Anyway, best of luck for the coming season regardless of what happens with Robins, and keep up the good work with the blog!

  12. Another well-written blog, Neil, which has prompted a good deal of fair responses from Town fans. I have no issue with Huddersfield whatsover, they seem like a decent, honest club and are fully within their right to approach Robins. He is a good manager after all! I just feel completely let down considering I thought we were finally onto a winner, and Robins himself said a month ago that he was here for the ‘long haul’ and publicly stated that he loved working for the club and fans.

    Yet, that’s football and it’ll kick you in the teeth sometimes (more than often for us these days, I’m afraid). Let’s hope his successor is just as successful (and fancies staying on a bit longer!!)

  13. At the time of the MK Dons game it looked like we finally had a thinking manager, who could influence the course of a game with his team talk and his team selections and substitutions, who would very likely take us into the playoffs. The fans started to believe and to fancy a promotion campaign for the first time in 35 years. It’s very disappointing that Robins has left but we all know that if anyone at Cov starts to look good, either on the pitch or off, they are fair game for all those clubs with more cash. We will only advance when the club has good financial backing and can hold onto staff when other clubs come calling. Anyway, thanks to Mark Robins for allowing us a glimpse of how good the Sky Blues can be.

  14. Great post as usual…don’t really agree though…

    Firstly, the simple fact is that, for whatever reason(s), it would appear that MR believes his future is best served somewhere else and while I’m very sad to see him go, I hold no malice toward the guy. Does anyone seriously believe he’s set out to screw the club? Jobs are jobs and, like it or not, that’s what being a football manager is. This whole loyalty thing just doesn’t wash with me.

    Why should a football manager (probably one of the most unsecure jobs going!) have to stay when he has something better (don’t just mean money) offered to him? Would any of us turn down a better job to stay at our present employers ONLY due to loyalty to them, especially given the propensity for companies to dispose of people without much of a thought when deemed necessary these days?

    And this is in an industry where loyalty towards managers is there for all to see…well it would be if it existed.

    Let’s not also forget where we were when he arrived…talk of play offs and a trophy? We’d have been laughed at.

    Secondly, statements such as ‘I’m happy at [insert club name]’ etc really need to be taken with a huge vat of salt.

    In your job, if you knew a different company were interested in headhunting you, but nothing was guaranteed and someone asked you, in public and knowing your boss would hear what you said, whether you wanted to leave etc, who in their right mind would say ‘Oh yeah, I’m not happy here and really like the look of that other place”?

    Peter Odemwingie that’s who…and look what happened there 😉

    1. I appreciate the sentiment, but I think sometimes we need to be wary of applying real world scenarios directly to how things work in football, as it can be a struggle to relate the two in a fair manner. If you do that, you start to get into the realms of notice periods and things like that, which are simply unheard of/unworkable given the nature of the modern game.

      I wrote the piece from an emotional viewpoint, as we all have that connection, and while it may be idealistic, hope that those who work for the club feel the same – especially the manager. It may have only been 5 months, but statements like “it’s in my blood” go beyond the banal, and make you think there’s some truth there.

      I can fully accept that people are entitled to be attracted to other jobs; my point is really that I personally don’t see it as a big enough step up to warrant jumping ship so quickly. Others, including many Huddersfield fans, will see it differently. That’s fine. But clearly as a Coventry supporter with an emotional attachment, my perspective is going to be unwavering in that respect. I can’t see the gap that he sees, and that’s what frustrates me.

      1. And therein lies part of the problem…we, the fans, will rarely see the gap as ours is an outsiders view. We’re not privvy to the inner machinations of either club, but clearly there was something big enough to cause the move.

        Again, comments such as ‘it’s in my blood’ are misguided on both sides. If a manager comes in and doesn’t express such sentiments then he’d be castigated, but at the same time, if he doesn’t genuinely feel it, keep schtum. But then surely in these modern times where we’re bombarded by spin and false, forced apologies, are we not fools for believing in it? Yes I accept we have to believe else what hope is there, but is anyone really surprised that badge kissing etc turns out to be meaningless?

        Don’t get me wrong, I’m gutted he’s going, especially after what he’s achieved at the club…I don’t think I’ve been this disheartened by a manager going since Eric Black was sacked. Maybe I’m just so jaded with football that I just can’t get angry anymore?

        Yes I am hurt that he’s going, but I feel more like a husband watching his wife leave him for a (slightly) better looking, wealthier man who is actually an OK guy. I don’t want to scream and shout, I just want to go to my room, stick old Cure albums on and sob quietly into my sleeve.

  15. Thanks, Neil, you’ve summed up really well pretty much what is running through my head at the moment that I couldn’t really articulate. I can’t help but think though, that he knows something more or has a sniff of something about the still on-going (yet seemingly forgotten about) rent sage of ACL vs SISU?

    Is the fact that it’s not sorted and there is still a possibility of us being wound-up or moving elsewhere the nail in the coffin and one of the reasons *for* leaving? It’s all gone hush-hush on that front and that’s worrying – of course it’s natural for us (well, me) to linger on the negative with such a massive negative thing happening to us.

    I am for one waiting for the official reasons why but I think we’ll never actually know and just have to get over it? But you know what, I’m sick of just getting over what happens at CCFC. It’s just really really sh*t

  16. i do not exopect loyalty from football players, but when they grow up and manage a football club they have a broader responsibility to lead, create cohesion and demonstrate integrity to all associated with the club they manage. robins spouted these virtues loudly and very recently, as in last week, now he is on the way to huddersfield, good luck to him he will probably need lots of it working for that chairman.

    i want our club to be successful but more importantly i want us to be led to success by a man who has the vision and values to see the job through, five months is an insult to all those associated with coventry city.

    robins has turned out to be a good actor with no real substance. sometimes there is justice and robins i hope it is a case of you reap what you sow.

  17. Bigger club than Huddersfield Town?You sound like a Liverpool fan living in the past.Last time i checked we was a league above you.You have had your day.I dont agree with Robins been appointed our manager.We are a big club with high expectations and an owner who puts his money where his mouth his.You keep watching your FA cup final win all the years ago.

  18. alfie why will he need lots of luck ” working for that chairman “? we have 2 managers since he took over in 2009, i would say in this day and age that hes been patient? after all he stuck with lee clark for 3 years who after all that time and spending a fortune ( by league 1 standards ) still couldnt get us promoted

  19. As a hudds town fan i cant tell if you know football at all. Yes you are a ‘bigger’ club but a stagnant one at best! Your soon to be exmanager has realised this and is rightfully heading to the exit door asap. As for lee clarke and his unbeaten run, well what do you really know about it? I am a season ticket holder n the unbeaten run was not all it was made out to be. During the run we drew far too many games, especially at home. And after that many unbeaten we were never, not for even a day, top of the league. Add to that the rumour that lee clarke interviewed for the leeds job behibd our chairmans back, i think he got what he deserved. Now go back to watching your team and leave the championship to the championship teams.

  20. Sorry but I don’t recall playing you in the premiership or indeed the championship recently. You finally got into the championship via the playoffs after several years of coming close and now you’ve slid back down the table. Hardly a sleeping giant on the rise. The point being made was that only last week robins stated he had sky blue blood. Don’t say that if you don’t mean it. I’m sure Huddersfield are financially stable and have more to “offer” than we have at this moment but I for one don’t understand the sudden change of mind. Now you go back to fighting relegation and we’ll pass you on our way back up

  21. Coventry’s loss is Our gain, massive show of power from our owner to come in and get what he/we need a bloody good manager to take us to another level. Your dissapointment combined with an obvious knowledge of the game reassures me of Robins ability! Brilliant and Up The Town!

  22. As a Huddersfield Town supporter I would like to point out the irony in the fact that one of Clark’s (yes there really is no ‘e’ on the end even though our own season ticket holders often think there is ) supposed failings was his disloyalty (but it was okay to be disloyal and sack him before the end of his contract) and in the case of Grayson, earlier in the season when Keen was dismissed from Blackburn we had posts on forums urging him to stay loyal and not apply for the Blackburn job! So loyalty itself is a pointless stupid word in the world of football because we as fans and owners are not loyal to the manager (as soon as form dips). I once heard a moderately successful manager state that the time to move on was when you were ‘hot’ and in demand, because it can turn quickly. The whole managerial role is overrated anyway in my opinion but there is so much hype and nonsense surrounding it that it becomes the focus. I listened to phone in’s with Barnsley fans begging Robins to resign, now I read Coventry fans moaning he’s gone, that’s football and it’s largely a joke where the joke is on us.

  23. the reason robins will need lots of luck working for that chairman is because whatever your view is of lee clark, huddersfield won 50% of the games they played whilst he was in charge.

    let us know when you find another manager to compete with that percentage of wins, i think you may have to wait for a little while.

  24. I support the sacking of Clark and also Grayson. What I wouldn’t have done is accuse either of them of disloyalty for leaving when their stock was high and things were going well. There is no loyalty at all, there is contentment such as Le Tissier at Southampton, Gradi at Crewe etc etc etc, but that is happiness, not loyalty.
    Yes i’m cynical but that’s football.. don’t worry Coventry fans, we will get the same treatment the next time we have a sought after manager, who knows may even be Robins lured away.
    As for the Clark sacking.. don’t get me started, he had massive vote of zero confidence from eleven thousand season ticket holders and a boardroom, that is all that matters regardless of what talksport or any other media dimwits say.

  25. only 50% playing in league 1 against the likes of yeovil, exeter and cheltenham, despite paying around 3 or 4 million on players, personally i think we should have had a better return than 50%

  26. i do not exopect loyalty from football players, but when they grow up and manage a football club they have a broader responsibility to lead, create cohesion and demonstrate integrity to all associated with the club they manage.



  27. anyway cov fans , you should always look at life with your glass half full, imagine if he was buggering off to VILLA

  28. I read your blog and as a town fan I can appreciate your annoyance at Robins but its not our fault your manager has decided to leave. We asked and Coventry said no! If he decided he was going that’s up to him! Personally I don’t want mark robins but if he is appointed I will support him. It’s nothing to do with him or Coventry its I would prefer a manager with plenty of experience at championship level. As for my club is bigger than yours it makes no odds! He might be paid more or still live up north as he managed Rotherham and Barnsley and is obviously from the north. The bottom line is there is no loyalty in football or in any other profession so us football fans just have to deal with it. All the comments about sacking Clark and Grayson are laughable especially from all the fans that don’t even watch town. Coventry fans ask your self this has there ever been a manager that you wish you had sacked but you didn’t? Because if we hadn’t sacked Clark we wouldn’t have come up!

  29. Reading all the comments made by the Coventry fans and laughing at how much you live in the past so what if you’ve been in the premiership and won the FA cup we was the first team to win the league three times in row and we’ve won an FA cup. We’re currently a better club than you lot with a owner/chairman who loves the club we have financial backing and I thinks Robbins will do a good job for us from some of the comments made by the sky blues. Oh and Alfie our chairman is the best thing that’s happened to huddersfield from as far as I can remember after going into administration and get taken over from the huddersfield giants ower (rugby league) who heart was mainly on the giants to getting taken over by local lad DEAN HOYLE the guys legend who’s supported huddersfield all his life UP THE TOWN TTID

    1. Jake,
      Typical gobby Yorkie p@@@k!
      Would you take
      1.11000 to Man U For 4th rd league cup on a weds night
      2.9000 to Arsenal 4th rd league cup on a Tuesday night
      3.6000 to MK on 29/12
      4.5500 to Arsenal 3rd round FA cup
      Go watch Rugby League you lot

  30. naive maybe, but i think robbins after blathering on about being here for the long haul owed us at least a year or two. if he walks after a reasonable period, fair enough but maybe he didnt have the resilience to see the job through.

    robins has been good for coventry city but equally coventry city has been good for robins. he was better here than he was at both his previous clubs.

    as for clark perhaps he deserves a little respect, when he was sacked you were in quite a handy position for promotion which you then managed to achieve with
    grayson at the helm.

  31. Town fan Alert !! – As I’m commenting here I don’t know that he’s even signed for us. Not sure where that would leave if him with Cov if he didn’t.

    You seem to be missing a couple of things about our last two managers – Lee Clarke may have gone a long time without defeat – but he’d drawn a hell of a lot of games which we should have won. He also lost us a play off final at Old Trafford in spectacular fashion to Peterborough – so not as unexpected as those away from the club would believe. Simon Grayson was not right from the word go – and hung on because he was fortunate enough to hang on to the play off victory – we came within a penalty kick of missing out – had we lost, he’d have been out I’m sure. Dean Hoyle is a Heckmondwike lad – where a great many Town fans come from – he doesn’t mess about.

    My worry if Robins comes to us, is that if he does well then 12 months (or maybe less) down the line, he’ll be on his bike just as quick if someone else comes knocking from the Premier League.

    You may think that you’re a bigger club than Huddersfield, certainly no one in Huddersfield would agree – but leaving all the ‘my club’s bigger than your club’ crap aside, the reality is that however big your club, if you’re in a lower division it counts for nothing. Huddersfield have found that out over the years.

    I’m assuming that most of you think he’s worth having – is that right ?

    I have a feeling that if he comes to use, Neil Warnock might be heading your way – his days are numbered at our friends from down the road – now he really is a tosser – but he’d get you out of that division.

  32. Jake..
    Get real…
    Would you take 9000 to arsenal second rd league cup on a Tuesday (capital to you kids)cup!?
    Or 6000 to mk on 29 December?!
    Rugby league for you lot!!!!

  33. We did take 6000 to Arsenal, we asked for 9 but ESPN changed the fixture last minute. We took 6000 to Mk no problem so what’s your point you cock?

  34. Its okay saying Clark had gone 43 unbeaten and was pushing for autos but it simply isn’t true. We lost one major game in the middle, the play off final, plus we were languishing the following season clinging on by our fingernails to a play off spot. Lee Clark had unlimited funds over 3 years and we hadn’t progressed at all, his sacking proved to be the correct decision, only time will tell if the same can be said for the decision to sack Grayson.

  35. Don’t be getting too excited Huddersfield fans.

    Ask a Barnsley fan what they think of Robins, well as it happens I’m a Barnsley fan and I’ll say get ready for negativity, no chance of a settled side and different tactics most games.

    I never took to Robins and was glad when we made the decision to get rid of him, to replace him with the even more inept Keith Hill.

    At last we have a man I like in charge, David Flitcoft has it in him to do something special in his managerial career.

  36. Andrew,

    seemed a decent conversation till you turned it into a cock fight.

    But to answer your question, probably yes.
    If we got Man U in any game we’d sell as many tickets as they gave us.
    We played Arsenal in the cup and we did take 5000 and if you look on a map its a little further for us to travel.
    As for the MK one is that a local match for you lot? We normally take about 2500 to 3000 there so you win that one.
    We are not a big club and it is years since we won anything, but currently we play in a league above you and are probably a little better off financially. I think more importantly your last manager thinks we are currently a better prospect than you are!
    Last thing, enjoy being massive and playing Bury on Saturday.

    1. Understand the anger…as previously posted;

      I am more than happy as manager of Coventry City. [Maybe] If Manchester United came calling… but they have a manager.

      I have been here for five months, so we’re getting dangerously close to the 11th-month average for Coventry managers.

      But, in all seriousness, I had a meeting with some of the board on Wednesday and spoke to the owner about other things planning for the future, so that should tell you a story.

      It’s hard to believe this was Mark Robins 5 days ago. Our manager of less than 5 months spoke these words, as he batted away yet another question about his future at the club.

      Forgive me, but the last time I checked Huddersfield Town weren’t Manchester United. And it’s that decision which wrangles most.

      IM sure you are an ok guy and i think i am but the 6 k to
      MK and 9k to Arsenal were in this lower division not in championship remember!?
      Hope we meet you next year in one division or other and Robbin will need more than Batman to cope with deserved abuse he will rightfully(read above quote from last week by the man himself one more time!?)receive
      Good Luck

  37. if we play huddersfield anytime soon the club should charge a tenner for admission and give out sky blue water pistols.

    ………..loyalty is not in that man’s dictionary!

  38. Yet another Town fan here, just want to echo the others in saying this is a great read, not gonna bang on though about this and that, just wanted to wish you guys all the best for the rest of the season and hope to play you in the Championship next season

  39. He went before he was pushed. Was well known in local football and BBC radio Sheffield he was not getting another contract and he went in a mutual agreement.

    I bet the close to 3 million which Keith Hill spent that pre season was more than what you had to work with?

    Nothing to do with the budget. Fans where not happy with his tactics, style of football and at times when up to Xmas playing good attacking football and winning games. We where a few points from the play offs and a game in hand when he suddenly changed everything for no reason. Playing poorer players, fell out with players.

    Robins was a very frustrating manager.

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