Just been confirmed on the Offical CCFC Websiteand Andy Turner’s blog that McIndoe has signed a 2 year contract.

Personally, I think this is a brilliant piece of business. If you’d told me at the end of last season that Michael McIndoe would be playing for us this year, I would have given you a stunned, and lengthy stare. Not like we’ve done much in the last few months to indicate we’re on the up.

But anyway, I’ve watched him quite a few times, and although he’s not getting any younger, he’s still at an age where he’s able to make an impact.

I’m constantly moaning about the lack of ambition shown by the club. Targets set too low, no pressure to achieve and seemingly minimal desire to move anywhere fast. Needless to say, the whole DannFox palava didn’t do much to appease me, but the fact that we’ve signed a player who was on the verge of signing for Sheffield Utd is a very definite step in the right direction. It’s just what we needed.

You now look at a possible midfield of Bell, Gunny, Clingan, McIndoe, and in that you have what appears to be a nice mix of drive, determination, technique, pace.. I best stop; getting a little ahead of myself there. It’s only Michael McIndoe.

But it does look miles better than what we’ve been used to.

The fact that we’ve actually been looking at signing Peter Gilbert negates these positives slightly, but you know.. you can’t have it all.

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