Great news – McSheffrey has signed an extension. What a coup!

If ever there was a group of players who hadn’t actually done enough to earn new contracts, Baker, Bell, McPake and McSheffrey, are it.

We all know what’s happened. SISU and the board realised that giving away assets for free wasn’t a sustainable way of running a club (bravo) and decided to confront this by doing the complete opposite and offering the entire bleeding squad new deals. Good one, Onye.

Couple of things.

The players of any genuine value (that’s Clingan and Cranie) who we actually want to prevent leaving for nothing, still won’t sign. Buggering hell.

The only ones who are signing are those who realise they’ll never do any better, and nobody in their right mind would ever pay money for now anyway.


Okay, that’s enough positivity for one evening.

Where’s my loan signing?

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