Word’s spreading that Michael Doyle is set to rejoin Mickinho Adams at Sheffield Utd. 

This might well be tosh, but I won’t mind if it’s not. Doyle’s been around for ages now, and basically his career has passed him by. His only success was when he was away at Leeds, and while he tries hard, it’s about time we went our separate ways.

One of the major challenges Boothroyd faces is to try and alter the culture at our club, which has dictated for the last 10 years that finishing 14th is a nice season. Doyle is the embodiment of this culture, and could do with nipping off somewhere else now, I’d say.

I have no idea where this rumour started, but I didn’t need much prompting to offer my thoughts on whether it was time for him to go or not.

So if QPR is his last game, I’d just like to say that I’ve enjoyed his loyalty to the club, his happiness whenever we score, and of course, the relentless bicycle kicks.

The misplaced passes, not so much. 


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