Have to say I’m a little surprised that we’re in for him. Not in a bad way, but given he was apparently on the verge of joining Sheffield Utd, and the direction things have been going for us lately, nice to see we’re actually still looking at the higher-end of players.

McIndoe has always impressed me for Bristol City. One of those players who seems to cause havoc in the mandatory 3-0 home defeat to them.

There could be worse strategies than buying all the players who can’t seem to help but be world beaters against us. Now all we need are Richard Cresswell, Pablo Counago, Tommy Smith and Robbie Blake and that’d be a extra few points for us next season. Wouldn’t that be marvellous.

Anyway, while writing this I’ve found out 2 things about Mr McIndoe;

1) He has a mighty useful girlfriend called Helena Fletcher (video of her making a bit of an arse of herself on Total Wipeout, if you’re interested).

and 2) he has his own official website, including ludicrously out of date blog (the lazy swine).

Official Website – Michael McIndoe

But aside from those 2 blips, from what I’ve seen of him he’s a very useful football player. So I’d rather we didn’t mess this up. If we’re in for him, lets bleeding well get him.

Had a little look around on Youtube for some videos to post of him, but all I could really find was this hideously dramatic tribute to his goal for Doncaster v Arsenal a few years ago.

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