It’s hard to muster up the fight when something as fundamentally despicable as losing your stadium is welcomed with open arms by those around you.

The best interests of Coventry City Football Club are no longer priority. I get why there are different perspectives, but that doesn’t stop it being difficult to take, especially given the months of effort invested into getting us home in the first place.

Our stadium has been hijacked by a Rugby club from London, and everyone is fine with it.

We’ve lost our home and have no identifiable future, and everyone is fine with it.

The gradual infestation of Wasps/deletion of Coventry City at the Ricoh is heartbreaking, and everyone is fine with it.

Losing the club to Northampton was awful, and while I didn’t know what was going to happen, there was always the hope that something good could still happen. I’d take that over this. Now we’ve lost the Ricoh, the hope’s gone and I’m feeling pretty alone in worrying what’s next for our beloved club.

Sisu are not Coventry City. As much as I loathe them, the Council’s decision to hand over full control of the Ricoh hurts us far more than it could ever hurt them. They can cut the ties at any moment – we’re left to deal with the consequences of this decision forever (or 250 years, whichever comes first).

I’m dreading seeing what’s happened to our stadium tomorrow. Dreading it.

But the most excruciating thing about the entire saga is feeling very much in the minority, and having no idea why.

Merry Christmas everybody. Let’s hope the lads on the pitch give us something to feel proud about.


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