Welcome to the first in what I presume is going to be a lengthy series of “Keep your mind off things” articles..

For me, Twitter is an integral part of supporting the Sky Blues these days. I’ve been involved with it since 2008 and during that time I’ve seen the bloody lot. The mysterious Leonard Brody has come and gone, Noel Whelan has kept us briefed on his managerial applications, and seven fake Alex Nimelys, four fake Chris Husseys and one fake Oggy have all caused varying levels of excitement.

The Coventry City conversation is vast, and let’s be honest, filtering the insight from the dross is a constant battle. That doesn’t detract from the genuinely great interaction that’s happening on their though, with many who regularly and brilliantly enlighten the Twittersphere with their words.

After much consideration, I’ve chosen the following accounts based on their wit, wisdom or general wildness about the Coventry City cause. I’ve not gone for the obvious websites, the official club or broad-syndication accounts (as respected and useful as they are) – these are active accounts, with that personal touch. When these guys speak, people take notice.

1 – @darryljoemurphy

Right now, Darryl is the main man. As journo for Free Radio, he’ll modestly (and probably quite rightly) tell you that he’s simply doing his job. Although, seeing as his job is to dig into the issues that affect the Sky Blues and tell us about them – it’s a vital role which has grown to prominence over the last few months. You’ll never be far off the pulse with this roving reporter, as he calls up Tim Fisher during a weekly big shop (most likely) and asks the difficult questions.

2 – @gmkonline

GMK by name, but very much Knowl by nature. Doesn’t mince his words, and gets to the crux of every matter with direct, forthright and well-considered opinions. You don’t want to miss out on what he’s got to say.

3 – @graeme_hawley

Having 11,000 followers, former Corrie star Graeme Hawley stands alone, with any opinion of his guaranteed to spread around Twitter within minutes of it leaving his keyboard. As far as influence goes, if you want your word to be heard – GH is the guy to make it happen. A retweet by him and you’re laughing. Unless you didn’t want much publicity, in which case you may want to turn your phone off.

4 – @trampbeater

Trampy is a tweet machine. Don’t let the volume of his tweets fool you – when the time comes, there are few more erudite and intriguing views than his. Creator of some iconic Trampstagrams and lightning quick artwork – a personal fave will always be Robot Carl Baker.

5 – @niilampteyshow

The podcast kings. Maybe because there is no competition, but probably because they’re that good. With an account being led into battle by podcast host Joey Crone, there’s BANTZ and LOLZ aplenty, satirising the shite out of daftness and stuff that simply that ain’t no good, mates.

6 – @kierancrowley1

Club journo who may have to tread the corporate line (for obvious reasons), but is closer to the action than most of us will ever be. The info is fast, accurate, and bloody useful. Will regale you with tales of his betting prowess, but when you win as regularly as he seems to, taking note of everything he says is not the worst strategy in the world.

7 – @TomLoweITV

ITV planning editor Tom is passionate about his club, and was even more passionate about Mark Robins (until he buggered off). His voice is loud, proud and respected across Twitter, and beyond.

8 – @Clarriebourton

Stats man Jim Brown has been number crunching about Coventry City since time began, and what this guy doesn’t know about the Sky Blues’ history most probably isn’t worth knowing. Either that or it isn’t in any of his books. But I tell you this much – it won’t take him long to find it out.

9 – @iancpalmer

Ian’s a writer who over the past couple of years has contributed some of the most sensible and elegant writing you will find about the Sky Blues predicament. Whether it’s in the Cov Telegraph or on a range of City/generic football websites, he’s always there providing a wonderfully-crafted opinion. He also wanted Paolo Di Canio, which placed him smack bang in the ridiculously ambitious camp (with yours truly).

10 – @Ghorsfall

Twitter veteran Mr Horsfall knows the score as he provides his witty and pithy responses to how things are going at the club. He’s a football league betting expert and king of the gorgeously-used comma, but don’t take my word for his brilliance – 1500+ followers built off the back of his unique approach to the 140 characters speaks volumes.

There are countless more, with people like Stuart Linnell clearly having a claim, book-writer extraordinaire Steve Phelps holding oodles of respect, while I’ll be telling podcast chum Ed Wilson he left himself unavailable for selection due to the miserly nature of his private account. Plus, top tens are notoriously limiting, naturally.

If there is anyone you feel it’s an absolute crime to miss out though, do give them a mention in the comments below..



  1. Nice little round up of key CCFC tweeps, and you’re right about Darly,his reporting is invaluable at the moment.

  2. You’ve forgotten a few tweeters
    @Coventry_City official twitter feed of club was ropey but now quite a valuable feed of info
    @CovCityFC_Live best match feed-consistent updates from matches-even quicker than skysports!
    @ideas_factory (Me) 7,300 followers-not much about City but my stats dwarf Edgy’s…. :^D (just ask him if he’s scored a goal yet…)

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