So, if you thought the bad news might stop coming, you were wrong. The latest news from the Coventry Telegraph is that we’re also under a transfer embargo, and have been for a few weeks.

This has shocked me more than the other stuff. I knew we wouldn’t be getting in any players on loan. My day around the posh box meant I overheard a few things to that effect. That was the Hull game, which was 2 weeks ago. No mention of an embargo though.

The secrecy around this is what’s most frustrating. I’m not one of these people who screams blindly about ‘communication’. We don’t need to know absolutely everything. But if there’s something in place that’s stopping us getting players in, bloody tell us. Don’t wait weeks and weeks and let us find out through the local paper.

All that says to me is there’s loads more they’re trying to hide. Brilliant.


  1. ….oh dear, from bad to worse….There’s an awful lot wrong with modern football and I think CCFC are another example of a a club ruined by those seeking to cash in on the apparent riches available. The rot set in the 1990s, a long long time before SISU and RR, so lets not blame them for everything.In a last gasp of over optimistic straw clutching, I wonder if this seeming desperate plight presents a final attempt to “renegotiate” terms with the council over the purchase of the Ricoh…………..or maybe not. This is heartbreaking for us fans…..

  2. Heheheeeee! Love it.The way things are going I can see another Wimbledon (AFC Wimbledon & MK Dons). I’m guessing the small number of Coventry supporters would form “Sky Blues United” – at least you wont have to change your blog name!

  3. Right massive fat apols for not approving these comments sooner chaps. Didn’t receive a notification for some reason, so had no idea there were any waiting.PF – Having quietly assessed everything that’s gone on over the last week, I think we’ve maybe a bit more reason to be cross with SISU.. I’ll give my reasons in the blog I’m writing at the mo.Tom – zip it.

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