14. Joe Cole

Name Joe Cole
DOB: 08/11/1981
Position(s): Attacking midfield
Squad number 14

Joe Cole. This shouldn't be happening.

For years I idolised this man. The most naturally talented player England has produced in a generation, unfortunately stifled by a bunch of managers who were desperate for him to defend.

When players are as good as he was, you don't waste time worrying about whether they're tackling enough.

The big joke is that Gerrard referenced him in the same sentence as Messi. If Joe Cole had played in Europe during his career, they'd have nurtured him far better than we did, and maybe he would have been allowed the freedom to express himself.

But that's my resentment boiling over - for a very short period we're going to afford him the opportunity to enjoy himself. True, this won't be the Joe Cole of old, but the fact that he's even here is the best present I could have asked for and I'm going to cherish every second.

Here's him scoring the greatest goal of all time.