Before you ask, this is absolutely nothing like that incessant goal of the month competition the club keeps running. Don’t get me wrong – I’ve nothing against goal of month. I actually really like it. It’s just when goals off the arse from training are making the top three, it somewhat loses its credibility.

For that reason, this isn’t the start of a regular thing or anything committed like that. This poll has to be earned.

Which is why as you look back over recent results, you should realise that we’re actually picking up rather well. As upset as I was that we couldn’t beat a demoralised Pompey side at the weekend, I suppose we have to look back and be pleased with a fairly successful month. A month of four wins and only one defeat has given us a few nice memories, with plenty of players having claims for a little bit of recognition.

So, with this upturn in fortune in mind, here’s a shortlist for November player of the month that I made up by myself. I’ve included a few lines explaining why they might deserve such an impromptu honour. Don’t worry if there’s someone else you think has earned it more – just choose the “other” option and leave me a comment. For instance, if loads of you protest about the lack of Roy O’Donovan, I might consider him for the prize instead (of course I won’t really – and there is no prize).

So let’s take a look at the candidates:

Cyrus Christie

Cyrus was recalled to the starting line-up against Arlesey at the beginning of the month, and hasn’t looked back since. A goal in that game gave him a huge boost and has seen him jump ahead of Jordan Clarke in the pecking order (as validated by an earlier Sky Blues Blog poll). It’d seem that fans love it when he gets forward, and alongside Baker, November has been a month where those two have started to develop a useful attacking understanding.

William Edjenguele

Billy Edge is back. The line up’s feeling quite settled, and while he’s not been the stand out performer in any game – it’s his consistency that’s really catching my eye. There’s already a level that you know you’re going to get with him, and he’s not falling below that. He also grabbed his first goal at Colchester, only for the bloody linesman to ruin the moment for everyone and deny us this celebration we’re all looking forward to.

David McGoldrick

Four goals in five games. That’s impressive, and as he enters the last full month of his loan, we’re all starting to get a little worried as we contemplate life without him. His brace against Crawley was class, with the second in particular setting him head and shoulders above the rest on the pitch. Being on such a good run can prove a hindrance for his team mates, and at times he’s looked blinkered as he has eyes only for the net. But he’s still shown his worth and creativity around the box – don’t forget the pass in the build up to Moussa’s goal against Colchester. Scrumptious.

Carl Baker

He’s taken the flack, and I’ve certainly not held back in my analysis of him this season, but November’s seen an improvement in his game. That doesn’t detract from some of the performances we have seen, but when you look back over his influence on our team goals since the Crawley game, you start to recognise the impact he’s had this month. With three goals himself – each of them decent in their own way – he deserves a salute for sticking at it. We’ve been here before though – he now needs to sustain it.

Franck Moussa

This is a little left-field (literally and metaphorically) but Franck’s influence during the two standout away victories of the month, along with a general growth of confidence, have been enough to gain a place on the list. He may have only just found a place back in the team again, but his dynamism on the left and just behind McGoldrick has been long awaited and gives the side a fresh dimension.

I also heard his accent for the first time and I liked it.

Time to vote

Isn’t this exciting. So, who d’you think has done best for us this month? You have the time it takes for the board to revolve (also known as until Saturday morning) to cast your vote.

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  1. How can any one vote for Moussa over McGoldrick or Baker, He’s done OK in the last few matches but it’s hardly player of the month material.

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