Joe Murphy has been attracting attention for some of his recent performances. Is it time to start thinking about giving someone else a go in goal? Or are we just looking for another scapegoat in all the wrong places?

The fans are clearly split on him. We know we were spoiled with Keiren Westwood so that’s an unfair comparison, but as with all goalkeepers, you at least hope they will be solid and get the basics right.

Joe is solid for the most part. He’s got arms and legs and a gob, and uses them all regularly. Unfortunately, his error rate has been higher than anything I can be comfortable with, and as demonstrated at the weekend, he’s often poor at commanding his box.

He is capable of making the occasional save, and will get his body in the way when required. But my rule when judging any goalkeeper is to ask how I would feel had he not saved it?

It may seem a simplistic (and potentially harsh) method of appraisal, but it certainly helps separate the saves that every goalie should make, and those that your keeper needs to make to preserve points. Just like Scunthorpe’s Mildenhall did at the weekend. A couple of those were ridiculously stretchy. I can’t think of many times he’s stretched and reached something.

But that’s just me and some thoughts to get the debate juices flowing.

We plan to chat about it some more on this week’s Nii Lamptey Show, but in the meantime; what do you make of our goalkeeping situation? Do you think a change is needed?

Or is it even a ‘situation’?

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  1. those of a certain age remember oggy and he was splendid, since it has been down hill and to get a keeper of the calibre of oggy is now, as a division 3 side, completely unrealistic…….boo boo hiss hiss.

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