It’s OK, you can say it. You’re worried. You’re worried that some swine of a club is going to stroll in and pinch one of our players just as we’re starting to develop a team that we could credibly consider the “real deal”.

It’s not like we can avoid the issue. Our history tells us that when a bigger club comes a calling, we either bow down to the lure of the money, or the player makes the decision for us. History also tells us that teams like Barnsley, Millwall and Huddersfield each consider themselves a bigger club than us nowadays.

Urgh. Vomitisation.

So who of our current crop is just too bloody valuable for us to allow to leave? Either to one of these annoyingly-positioned “bigger clubs”, or heaven forbid one of our League One rivals?

Whose departure would leave a dynamic-destroying void in our team? One which we’d struggle to adapt to.

Whose departure would have you sobbing like you did the day Robbie Keane disappeared and you realised the only replacement was Craig Bellamy?

Here are the likely subjects. Go on. Save your man*.

*Doesn’t actually save him.

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  1. Why is Joe Murphy not on the list. As far as I can see, it seems like he has been worth a good number of points this season, and, as is always noted on the Lamptey show, hes probably the best we could get at this level.
    All of the others could be replaced (maybe not easily and Leon Clarke is my vote from the list) but behind him we are very short.

    1. It’s a fair point. I could have included the lot but really I just kept this down to those I felt could realistically be nabbed. I’ll have egg on my face tomorrow when he swans off back to Peterborough or something. But yeah, he’s been great.

  2. Tricky one. We all know, or think we do, that Cyrus Christie is gone already. I picked John Fleck because from everything I hear about him he makes the midfield tick. But Franck Moussa is your man for the goal when you really need it and Clarke and Wilson are scoring for fun – 30 goals and counting between them this season, reckon that makes them the most productive strike partnership in the entire League structure.
    The danger is real and immediate. Our best players could go to mediocre Championship sides or more disastrously to our close competitors in League One. The ‘double whammy’ is that such sales will boost OTIUM’s coffers!

    1. I went for Clarke myself, although as far as quality goes Fleck is top of that tree. But we’ve seen the team with each player missing this season, and it was the absense of Clarke which really disrupted our style of play I felt. He’s a vital focal point for everyone in the system.

  3. Voted for Clarke but to be honest Pressley is the one we need to keep at this moment in time. Waggott was lucky to have made such a wise decision but then again remember all of the fuss when we signed Keane who was a relatively inexperienced newcomer, and turned out to be our best player for years but only stayed a short time. Pressley has changed the dynamics of this club, the players attitudes to fitness and installed a sense of pride within everyone at this club, fans included, even Fergie took a few years to do this, Pressley has done it in less than a year.

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