There’s been increased grumblings just lately about the diamond formation we’ve used ever since Thorn took charge. Personally, I see it as not so much the formation that’s causing us bother – more the fundamental naffness that many of the players are showing when they actually get onto the pitch. Nothing more complex. A useless first touch is the same in any formation.

However, one of the positions that seems to be on a permanent rotation this year is the point of the diamond. When you think of the player who should be occupying this position, your mind immediately conjures up images of creativity, flair – someone tasked with unlocking defences and making things happen for you.

Unfortunately this season it’s usually been the home to someone thinking they could have a right good saunter, and not much else. Nobody has come close to making it their own.

So I thought it’d be really interesting (sort of) to see what people think we should be doing here. With the arrival of Gardner, you’d think we’d have yet another potential to fill this position. Some players, like McSheffrey, will no doubt feel they have a God-given right to play there. Some, like Bell, will find themselves there, even though they don’t really understand how to play the position at all.

And some, like Bigirimana, you may feel could benefit the team by playing there, but haven’t been given opportunity to do so yet.

Below are the main contenders for the position. Now, I can’t put everyone, because that’d be mental. I don’t care what you say about Richard Keogh deserving a shot; these are the choices.

Just a bit of fun to give me something to talk about. The weekly “we was rubbish” rants are getting a smidge tiresome.


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